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Green Magnetic Shoelace Closer

/Green Magnetic Shoelace Closer
  • Green Magnetic Shoelace Closer

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Green Magnetic Shoelace Closer Specifications:
Material: Plastic and Magnet
Color: Green
Part No.: HSMSL35-07
Common Size for Adults: approx. 35mm X 25mm X 7mm
Part No.: HSMSL42-07
Common Size for Kids: approx. 42mm X 25mm X 7mm

magnetic casual shoelace Features:
100% Brand new and high quality!
Magnets providing strong gravitation, would not loose in sports.
Convenient and useful, need no lacing up after the first tie.
Multifunctional, can be used not only to tie shoes but also to hang the shoes.
Unisex and all-match, suitable for sports shoes and casual shoes.

Guide to Usage of Magnetic Shoelace Closer:
Step 1: Unfasten the shoelace, and set aside the top three eyelets.
Step 2: Lace the magnetic shoelace closure with eyelets reserved in the middle of the shoe.
Step 3: Put on the shoe laced and adjust into the most comfortable tightness.
Step 4: Fasten the shoelace with a knot at the end.
Step 5: Cut off the rest shoelace after fastening.
Step 6: Better to remain a little shoelace with the knot for next adjusting.

In this project we’ll show you how to 3d print your own magnetic shoe lace closures. This can be really useful for anyone with dexterity problems, or if you just want to make tying your shoes a whole lot easier.
Strong neodymium magnets help keep your laces together while running, walking or even working out. And after a long day on your feet, the magnets are easy to detach.
The parts are 3D Printed and the design is easy to comstimze to fit your shoe size. The magnets press fit inside the parts and don’t require any adhesives.
Fit magnets inside shoelace closures
Press fit the magnets into each side of the printed closures. Make sure the tolerences are tight so the magents can’t pull each other out of the closures.
These magnets can have small variations in size and thickness, so we’ll need to make sure the tolerances are pretty tight. You could also use glues to hold the magnets in place.
Align magnets
We want to make sure the magnets are all facing each other so they don’t repel.
Check tolerances
Test the strength of the fittings by pulling the closures apart. We want to make sure the magnets can’t pull each other out of the cavities.
Adjust the design or use glue if the magnets can pull each other out of the closures.

Prep shoes
Untie your shoes but leave laces on the last row of holes like shown in picture.
Loop laces
Thread laces through each lace hole and then loop the laces into each closure from the bottom of the shoe to the top. Leave a bit of slack so the laces aren’t too tight.
Test by putting your shoes on to ensure the magnets can still reach each other.
Hide excess lacesOnce you lace the closures to the top of the shoe we can either shorten the laces or hide the remaining laces by looping it back into the shoe.

Now you can adjust any twisted parts of the laces and try them on!
We tested the magnet holder extensively through a couple of the Disney parks and never encountered any problems with them detaching. They easily snap together when you put them on and easily come off after a long day of walking around.And that’s pretty much it! We think this is a great project idea for anyone who’s looking to get into designing for 3D printing. There’s a lot to learn when designing to solve problem.
Even if it’s a simple project, it proves really useful because it’s something you can use everyday.


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