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Glass Magnetic Stir Bar

/Glass Magnetic Stir Bar
  • Glass Encased Magnetic Stir Bars

Glass Encased Magnetic Stir Bars, Telfon Glass Covered Magnetic Stirring Bar, PTFE Magnetic Stirrers Glass Stir Bars, Spinbar Round Pyrex Glass Coated Magnetic Stir Bar, Glass encapsulated Alnico magnet stirring bars

Glass Magnetic Stir Bar is perfect for mixing solutions that would likely stain PTFE magnetic stirrers, glass stir bars are sure not to stain, keeping its inert properties, all while creating the perfect vortex.For use with very abrasive media which may erode PTFE. Spinbar Round Pyrex Glass Coated Magnetic Stir Bar, Pyrex Spinbar glass encapsulated Alnico magnet stirring bars, zero absorption smooth surface, suitable for temperatures up to 274 °C. Use with very abrasive media that may erode PTFE. The glass-encased magnetic stir bar is cylindrical for a wide variety of uses.

  • Stable, general-purpose magnetic stir bar
  • Completely smooth surface offers “zero absorption”; easy to clean
  • Cylindrical, with Alnico V magnetic core.
  • Poreless, track neutral, extremely smooth surface
  • Very good chemical resistance
  • Manufactured in a registered ISO 9001:2008, as verified by SGS certification
  • Use with very abrasive media that may erode PTFE
  • Autoclavable

Glass Magnetic Stir Bar General:
Use these glass coated stir bars to avoid problems with oxygen uptake/release in the teflon coating used for most stir bars. This is especially important for oxygen methods in tiny volumes. Another advantage of glass coating is easy cleaning (autoclavate) and resistance to acids, dissolvents etc.

Glass Magnetic Stir Bar Optional:
Use these glass coated stir bars in our mini respirometers chambers.

Pyrex glass-encased magnetic stir bars are completely non-reactive, leak proof, and nonabsorbent
Handles temperatures up to 525°F (274°C)

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Product Range

Part No. L (mm) x D (mm)
TFN-1.1206 6 x 5
TFN-1.1212 12 x 5
TFN-1.1225 25 x 6
TFN-1.1245 45 x 8
TFN-1.126 60 x 8
Glass Magnetic Stir Bar DRAWINGGlass Magnetic Stir Bar DRAWING

Glass Magnetic Stir Bar DRAWING

Telfon Glass Covered Magnetic Stirring Bar

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