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The funnel magnets are strong anisotropic permanent magnets with special configuration and are normally enclosed in a cylinder. They are available in different sizes and width and are used for different industrial applications. The funnel magnets consist of permanent anisotropic magnets like ferrite or rare earth magnets.

The anisotropic funnel magnets have magnetic rod which incorporates modern anisotropic permanent magnets.
The top plate of the magnetic funnel is provided with number of grooves to guide the slurry to a specific path to give the maximum efficiency.
Funnels in the anisotropic funnel magnets are generally made up of aluminum and stainless steel.
The small iron contamination gets cleared when they pass through the uniform gap between the funnel and the magnet.

Funnel magnets have many industrial applications like:
Ceramic glazes
Chemical industries

We have developed optimum quality funnel magnets that are extensively used for free flowing material. The iron impurities can harm the lined machineries. It is used to get pure and contaminants free material for the good quality of product. ring sensor permanent magnet

It also helps to eliminate harmful effect of ferrous bits and pieces to precious machineries. Funnel magnets can be locate in production line and offer proper removal of contaminants. In several industrial applications like ceramics, raw material must be very smooth and free from all kinds of impurities. It is also used for glaze fabrication.

Our magnetic funnel type fitters are accessible with single, dual and multiple magnetic elements for higher capability. The magnetic assemblies are so designed that the majority of trapped iron particles do not interfere with the line of low. The rate of flow in therefore not reduced. The magnetic assemblies in these filters are readily detached and very easily cleaned available in ferrite, Alnico and high power rare earth magnets and complete stainless steel 304,316 construction.

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funnel magnet dimensions

funnel magnet dimensions

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