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Four Poles Ferrite Radial Magnetization Rotor Magnet

/Four Poles Ferrite Radial Magnetization Rotor Magnet
  • Four Poles Ferrite Radial Magnetization Rotor Magnet

Four Poles Ferrite Radial Magnetization Rotor Magnet, 4-poles Magnetization Hard Ferrite Ring Multi-pole Magnets, motor rotor permanent magnets, Radially Orientation Multi-pole Ceramic Magnetic Ring, Anisotropic multi-polar magnetic rings supplier

Four Poles Ferrite Radial Magnetization Rotor Magnet Features:
Specification size:  custom design drawing
Magnetizing mode: Radial 4 poles
Type: Permanent
Composition: Sintered Ferrite Magnet (hard ceramic)

Motor Rotor Multi-pole Magnetic Ring Permanent Magnet Motor Rotor
Product Applications: Inductors, Fume Machines, Sensors, Permanent Magnet DC Motor
Magnetization mode: radial multistage
Delivery cycle: Existing specimens are sent free of charge, and production takes about 15-20 days.

Magnetic rotor, or permanent magnet rotor is the non stationary part of a motor. The rotor is the moving part in an electric motor, generator and more. Magnetic rotors are designed with multiple poles. Each pole alternates in polarity (north & south). Opposite poles rotate about a central point or axis (basically, a shaft is located in the middle). This is the principal design for rotors. It is used in the In-wheel Motor of Electric Sport Car, Wheel Size 16 inches. Sintered Ferrite Planar Multipole Rotor Magnet

Which products are the radial multipole magnetic ring mainly used in?
customer needs, 2 poles, 4 poles, 8 poles, 12 poles, 18 poles, 24 poles, 32 poles, 48 poles, etc.
Radial 2-pole ferrite magnets are commonly used in dishwashers, washing machines and pump rotors.
Radial 4-pole ferrite magnet is often used in fish tank water pump and pump motor.
Radial 6-pole ferrite magnets are commonly used in household appliances, magnetic pumps and water flow sensors.
Radial 8-pole ferrite magnetic rings are commonly used in air conditioning, fan motors and oil-electric hybrid vehicles.
Radial 12-pole ferrite magnetic rings are mostly used in air-conditioning, automotive oil pump motor, motor testing.
Radial 16-pole ferrite magnetic rings are used in mahjong machines, air-conditioning motor rotors and DC brushless motors. Radial Ferrite 24 poles Motor Encoder Hall Sensor Ring Magnets, Planar Four Magnetization Ferrite Ring Multi-pole Magnets

Radial Magnets is good solution to instead of traditional segment magnets. they have following advantages :
Homogeneous distribution of magnetic field
Geometric precision
Variety of magnetic configuration
Design and assembly simplification
Precision of motor performances
Cost efficiency

Key Specifications/Special Features:
High performance Ferrite Magnet
Used for car motor and household appliances
With big quantity existing mould
Various size and shape available

Type Standard same with TDK Br(mT) HcB(kA/m) Hcj(kA/m) (BH)max(KJ/m3)
Y10T 200-235 125-160 210-280 6.5-9.5
Y20 320-380 135-190 140-195 18.0-22.0
Y22H 310-360 220-250 280-320 20.0-24.0
Y23 320-370 170-190 190-230 20.0-25.5
Y25 360-400 135-170 140-200 22.5-28.0
Y28H-3 FB5E 370±15 293±15 395±15 27±2
Y29H-1 FB6E 380±10 290±15 395±15 27±1.6
Y30H-1 FB3N 390±10 245±15 255±20 29.5±2.5
Y30H-2 FB5H 405±10 290±15 325±15 30.5±2
Y30H-3 FB4B 400±10 245±15 258±15 30±2.0
Y30H-4 FB6H 400±10 305±15 360±15 30±1.6
Y30H-5 400±10 300±15 400±15 30±1.6
Y32 FB4A 410±10 175±15 180±15 32±1.8
Y33 FB4X 420±10 235±15 240±15 33±1.8
Y33H FB5B 420±10 265±15 270±15 33±2.0
Y33H-2 FB6B 420±10 300±15 320±15 33.4±1.6
Y34H-1 430±10 245±15 255±15 34±1.6
Y34H-2 430±10 260±15 280±15 34±1.6
Y34H-3 430±10 285±15 290±15 34±1.6
Y35 FB5N 440±10 230±15 235±15 35±1.6
Y36 FB6N 440±10 259±12 362±12 36.7±1.6
Y38 450±10 295±10 300±10 38.6±2
Y40 FB9B 450±10 340±15 350±10 39.8±2.1
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