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Formwork Construction Shuttering Magnets Neodymium 3100KG

/Formwork Construction Shuttering Magnets Neodymium 3100KG
  • Formwork Construction Shuttering Magnets Neodymium 3100KG

Formwork Construction Shuttering Magnets Neodymium 3100KG Galvanized Zinc Coating Precast Shuttering Magnets, Powerful precast concrete Magnetic Box, Construction Building Rare Earth NdFeB Magnet Shutters China Supplier

Formwork Construction Shuttering Magnets Neodymium 3100KG Part No.: HS-STM-3100B
Type: Rare Earth Steel Metal
Composition: Neodymium
Plating: Galvanized / Zinc
Net Weight: 10.32 KG
Application Temperature: Up To 80°C
Adhesion Force(KG): 3100KG
Dimensions (L*W*H, Mm): 320x120x60mm
Application: PC industry, Formwork Precast Concrete, Construction Building

The Shuttering Magnets also named precast concrete Magnetic Box are made of super strong neodymium magnetic system inside of the steel case. It can be activated by simply pressing down the button by the hand or foot. To deactivate them, the magnets are easily release by steel lever (to pull the button on). In the inactive position, the shuttering magnets can be easily removed from the table form. The precast concrete magnets could be used alone or connected with adpator to fix the formwork. Black Epoxy Coated Powerful Shuttering Magnet for Concrete Wall Forms, 2500KG Pull Force Galvanized Shuttering Magnet Assembly

3100kg precast concrete magnet widely used in prestressed concrete system construction. It’s consist of powerful neodymium magnets and steel housing. Meanwhile, in order to protect the inside magnet from rusting and damage. The biggest advantage of our proudct is that the magnets inside are covered stainless steel protective sleeve, to protect the magnet and prolong its service life. This is latest technology that HSMAG also apply. The workers could easily push or pull the above button to make the magnetic box performed adhesive force or not with a steel sticker.

3100KG Precast Concrete Magnet is the most attractive product in the HSMAG Precast Concrete Magnet range with a minimum suction of 3100KG to meet suction requirements when used on a vibrating table. At the same time the appearance of the anti-corrosion treatment, extending the service life of the product, with proper maintenance, can be used repeatedly. Product size is 32x12x6cm, product unit net weight is 10.32KG.

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