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Forklift Light Mounting Magnet

/Forklift Light Mounting Magnet
  • Forklift Light Mounting Magnet

Forklift Light Mounting Magnet, Lighting Mounting Magnet, Magnetic Mounts, High Power Ceramic Pot Magnet, Powerful Mount Bracket Holder Magnetic Base Roof Led Light

Forklift Light Mounting Magnet Part No.: HSMount-01
Size: 3″ Diameter
Other: .28″ dia center hole for bolt
Pull: 95 lbs
Weight: 0.6 lbs.

Adding a high power ceramic magnet to your forklift approach light makes mounting the light quick and easy. No mounting holes to drill into the forklift and awkward positions trying to get the nut and bolt put on. Simply attach magnet to light bracket and place on metal surface of forklift. Magnet in casing has a 95 pound pull, and is 3″ in diameter with a .28″ center hole.

Ferrite holding pot magnets, also called ceramic pot ferrites, have a mild steel casing over a Ferrite ring magnet with a round central hole for fixing a bolt, rivet or screw, through for attaching to non-magnetic surfaces.

With no moving parts the Ferrite pot requires no maintenance beyond ensuring the magnet is clean and has a long life. Hangseng Magnetech ferrite pots are commonly used for general holding and attaching applications on to a wall, ceiling or other surfaces. Our ceramic holding magnets are the best option for those who require a good value magnet with a strong pull force.

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