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Fluidized Bed Jet Mill

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Fluidized Bed Jet Mill

Equipment characteristics:
Narrow Particle size distribution and doesn’t have large particles.
Grinding is done by particles crashing with each other, which reduces the wear and without contamination.
The air flow’s sharp expansion in grinding leads to temperature’s reduction, which is also fit for processing heat-sensitive materials and low melting point materials.
Several kinds of materials can be ground at one time.
Alterable and compact combined structure can be used in many fields.
Operation is conducted under sealed negative pressure, not pollute the environment.
Simple operation and low-noise(≤85dBA)

Fluidized Bed Jet Mill Applications :
1. [High purity, super-hard materials]
Typical materials: fluorescent powder, titanium dioxide, silicon, aluminum, copper and other high purity pigment
2. [Fine chemicals, ceramics, abrasive and refractory]
Typical materials: garnet, silicon carbide, corundum, cerium oxide, alumina, boron carbide, tungsten carbide and emery, etc.
3. [Food, pharmaceuticals and health products]
Typical materials: pollen, hawthorn, pearl powder, stomach medicine, Nimodipine, antibiotic, contrast agent, glossy ganoderma, Chinese galls, Fallopia multiflora, etc.
4. [Magnetic powder, mobile phone electromagnetic powder, copier toner and electronic materials]
Typical materials: lead acid battery, Ni-Cd battery, Ni-Mn battery, ferrite, Trimanganese tetroxide, manganese dioxide, LiCoO2, lithium manganese oxide, carbon, etc.
5. [Non-metallic mineral and powder metallurgy]
Typical materials: quartz, barite, kaolinite, triple superphosphate, talc, mica, graphite, wollastonite, etc.
6. [Reflective material, pigment, dyestuff and powder coatings]
Typical materials: iron oxide, titanium dioxide, glass beads, etc. 2000kg continuous vacuum induction melting furnace
7. [Pesticide, feeds and biomaterial]

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