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Flexible Magnetic Stir Bar Retriever

/Flexible Magnetic Stir Bar Retriever
  • Flexible Magnetic Stir Bar Retrievers

Flexible Magnetic Stir Bar Retriever, PTFE Spinbar Magnetic Retriever, Stir Bars Positioners and Retrievers Flexible , Spinbar Flexible Stir Bar Retriever, Jumbo Magnetic Stir Bar Retriever

Flexible magnetic stir bar retriever with PTFE Teflon Coating. Magnet encapsulated. Due to the high flexibility, the magnet stir bar can be retrieved from inaccessible locations, e.g., from the water trap in a laboratory sink. High chemical resistance, simple to clean. This handy magnetic retriever is designed to retrieve very large magnetic stirring bars inside deep containers. Flexible, Teflon rod with a powerful Alnico Teflon coated magnet for retrieving magnetic stirring bars from containers or non-magnetic sink drains and traps, Flexible design is ideal for stir bar recovery from lab sink drains Molded, leak and chemical proof Teflon® encases a powerful ALINCO V co magnet.Flexible Teflon® rod is sealed into the magnet case and has a handy plated metal hanging loop on the other end. Magnet Color: White / Red / Blue / Yellow

Removes magnetic stir bars from containers or non-magnetic drains and traps without requiring solution to be poured out of the container
Flexible Teflon (PTFE) rod with built-in alnico V (an alloy of aluminum, nickel, iron, and cobalt) magnet at one end
Choice of white, red, blue, or yellow color, for distinguishing retrievers among jobs
Metal loop on one end for hanging storage
Easy retrieval of large stirring bars from deep vesselsLong, flexible shaftTeflon PTFE construction is chemical- and corrosion-resistant with powerful ALINCO V magnet.Features ergonomic ‘T’ shaped handgrip


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Product Range

Part No. Length (mm)  Ø  D (mm) Color
TFN-1.7413-R 1.37″ (33) 0.5″ (13) Red
TFN-1.7413-W 1.37″ (33) 0.5″ (13) White
TFN-1.7413-B 1.37″ (33) 0.5″ (13) Blue
TFN-1.7413-Y 1.37″ (33) 0.5″ (13) Yellow
TFN-1.7415-R 1.37″ (33) 0.62″ (15) Red
TFN-1.7415-W 1.37″ (33) 0.62″ (15) White
TFN-1.7415-B 1.37″ (33) 0.62″ (15) Blue
TFN-1.7415-Y 1.37″ (33) 0.62″ (15) Yellow
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