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Flexible Magnetic Pick-Up Tool

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Flexible Magnetic Pick-Up Tool Feature:
Part No.: MPUT-8031
Length: 20 “
Pull: 5 lbs.

Strong flexible metal element with a neodymium magnet or claw in the tip. Plastic handle is easy for griping.
There are two options for item MPUT-8033 and MPUT-8034 with following features: Flexible – Snakes through difficult or confined areas such as cramped engine compartments, behind heavy equipment, down drains or heating vents. Holds shape for hard-to-reach items.
Plunger Handle – User can activate magnet and claw when tool is in position for retrieval. Thermoplastic handle and round knob for sturdy grip and comfort.

This General Flexible Magnetic Pick Up Tool is a must-have for home or office projects. It gives you a convenient way to retrieve steel parts from hard-to-reach places. This high-power neodymium magnet is six times more powerful than a cobalt magnet of the same size and density. It features a knurled aluminum body with flexible 15″ wire, and an overall length of 20″. Minimize time spent finding lost and dropped parts with this versatile tool.

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Product Range

Part No. Lbs.Pull Length Note
MPUT-8031 5 20 “
MPUT-8032 3 20 “
MPUT-8033 2 20 “
MPUT-8033C / 20 “ Claw
MPUT-8034 2 24 “
MPUT-8034C / 24 “ Claw
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