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Flat Magnetic Rotor Assembly with Neodymium Rectangular Magnet

/Flat Magnetic Rotor Assembly with Neodymium Rectangular Magnet
  • Flat Magnetic Rotor Assembly with Neodymium Rectangular Magnet

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Flat Magnetic Rotor Assembly with Neodymium Rectangular Magnet Features:
Core Components: Rotor Assembly
Material: Permanent Ndfeb magnet + Steel
Product Name: Permanent Magnet Rotor
Application: All kinds of industrial machine
Type: Magnet Flat Rotor Assembly
Color: Silver and Black
Tolerance: Custom Drawing

1. Materials
Magnet: Neodymium Magnet
Main part: 20# steel, martensitic stainless steel

Flat rotor assembly is mainly used in aerospace, automobile drive system, Unique in design and aerospace composite components. Can provide technical requirements for big torsional torque can be used for high temperature and high-speed and high-strength environment provide application requirements.

Rare-earth permanent magnet motor is a new type permanent magnet motor, it began in the early 70s. And the rare-earth permanent magnet motor has a series of advantages, such as small size, light weight, high efficiency and good characteristics. Its applications are very extensive and extend all over fields of aviation, space, defense, equipment manufacturing, industrial and agricultural production and daily life.

We are mainly produce magnetic components in permanent magnet motor field, especially NdFeB permanent magnet motor accessories which can match all kinds of medium and small permanent magnet motor. Besides, in order to reduce the damage of electromagnetic eddy current to magnets, we make multi splice magnets.
We supply pre-assembled magnetic motor parts with glued permanent magnets and metal body according to customers’requirements. And we have modern magnetic assembly line and first rate machining equipments, including CNC lathe, internal grinder, plain grinder, milling machine,etc. Modern inspecting techniques and stricted quality management system ensure us to supply high quality products to you.We will supply a complete motor parts or magnetic coupling that is ready for the fine finishing by you. It is a cost-saving MAGNETIC SOLUTION for clients. NdFeB Permanent Magnetic Drive Wheel for Robot

Recent developments in the field of magnetic gear and magnetic gearing machines have opened up innumerable opportunities for engineers and researchers. Conventional mechanical gears require direct mechanical contact between the drive and driven toothed wheels, which gives rise to problems such as wear, breakages and noise. Generally, the wheels are made of case hardened metal alloys and are relatively heavy. In contrast, magnetic gears work on the interaction of magnetic flux between the drive and driven wheels. The difference in the number of magnetic pole pairs on the two wheels generate a torque amplification or reduction effect. Hence, magnetic gears offer lighter weight, reduced maintenance, high reliability, no wear and tear, contact-free operation, inherent overload protection, decreased noise and increased efficiency. In some applications, there is a need for the gear ratios to be varied during operation. A conventional gearbox would have several gear wheels of varying sizes, where one would be engaged in turn as the operating condition requires. Carrying a number of mechanical gears also adds to the weight. In this paper an overview of magnetic gear topologies and their characteristics is first presented. Then, a new design of a compact axial electromagnetic gear with variable gear ratios is proposed. The design makes use of electromagnets to vary the effective number of pole pairs, and hence the flux interaction, between the drive and driven wheels. The steady-state response of the proposed axial magnetic gear is then studied through finite element analysis simulations. The simulation results show that the magnetic gear ratio could effectively be varied through this technique.

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Product Range


Magnetic Wheel Parallel transmission serials

Typical products- Parallel transmission serials:

Part No. Outer Diameter Length Magnetic poles To

rque (gap1mm)

HSANP21-06P D21 21 6 poles 0.09 N.m
HSANP22-18P D22 18 18 poles 0.13 N.m
HSANP26-18P D26 21 18 poles 0.21 N.m
HSANP30-10P D30 25 10 poles 0.32 N.m
HSANP35-12P D35 32 12 poles 0.8 N.m
HSANP45-10P D45 34 10 poles 2.2 N.m

Magnetic Wheel Vertical transmission serials

Typical products- Vertical transmission serials:

Part No. Outer Diameter Length Magnetic poles Torque (gap1mm)
HSANV18-08P D18 15 8 poles 0.05 N.m
HSANV21-08P D21 21 8 poles 0.12 N.m
HSANV26-08P D26 21 8 poles 0.2 N.m
HSANV26-20P D26 21 20 poles 0.05 N.m
HSANV30-10P D30 25 10 poles 0.28 N.m
HSANV32-10P D32 30 10 poles 0.32 N.m
HSANV35-08P D35 32 8 poles 0.55 N.m
HSANV35-12P D35 32 12 poles 0.36 N.m
HSANV39-08P D39 35.8 8 poles 0.64 N.m
HSANV45-10P D45 35 10 poles 1.2 N.m
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