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Flat Ceramic Holding Pot Magnets

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Flat Ceramic Holding Pot Magnets, Ferrite Flat Pot Magnets, Flat Ceramic Mounting Magnets, Cup Magnets, Magnetic Lens Flachgreifer, Ferrite Magnetic Pots Assemblies

Product name Customized Flat Ceramic Holding Pot Magnets features:

Flat Holding Pot Ceramic Magnets by HSMAG – Our strong disc ferrite magnets could be even stronger! In this category you find our flat ceramic pot magnets. The holding core is a strong ferrite disc manet (Powerful rare earth ceramic permanent magnet) built in a flat steel pot. Not only will the steel pot keep the magnet safe from damages but also the magnetic force is higher! Because of the steel there is only one side that can be attached. The optimal surfaces are steel and iron. These magnets dimension is D 6mm to 80mm dia, the H is 4.7mm to 19mm. These flat pots weight is 2g to 700g and  The pot coating is Ni-Cu-Ni plating, Zn-plated or Chrome-coated for a durable, quality finish. We offer an extensive holding force range of magnetic lenses is lifting up 0.5kg to lifting up 200kg, it is very strong for mounting and holding. These are the ideal magnets for when intense holding power is required.

Special feature: these magnets can be fixed or mounted using nuts. For this reason we suggest to place and glue them in a drilled pilot hole and can be used at a temperature up to 80°C / 100°C.

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