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Fine Pole Rectangular Permanent Magnetic Chucks PME SERIES

/Fine Pole Rectangular Permanent Magnetic Chucks PME SERIES
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PME SERIES Fine Pole Rectangular Permanent Magnetic Chucks, Fine-Pole Rectangule Magnetic Chuck with integral flushing hole, Permanent Magnetic Chuck for EDM china manufacturer supplier

Rectangular Permanent Magnetic Chucks are manufactured from magnetized materials and exhibit a constant magnetic field without needing to introduce an electric current. Because these materials are highly magnetized materials, they do not lose their magnetic force. This also eliminates the need for electrical connections, switches, brushes, wires and auxiliary generators. The magnet is made of a special alloy and has high power and indefinite life. Most industrial permanent magnets sit within a carrier. Alignment of the poles determines the state of the magnet (whether it is on or off). In operation, these poles are physically moved to activate and de-activate the permanent magnet.

The fine-pole chuck with integral flushing for sinker EDM’s Feature:

•Intgral flushing hole system in top plate for suction or pressure flushing of erosion material

•Fine pole with inter-pole design minimises magnetic flux height to ensure free flushing of erosion material

•Fully saturating magnetic design with positiveoff ensures consistent performance across entire chuck face and full workpiece release

•Fully submersible for use in EDM

•Standard 5 year warrantee!

Magnetic Chucks can be customized by HSMAG on customer’s requrst, please contact us.

Workholding magnets such as Magnetic Chucks are an alternative to the traditional workholding machinery, as they use magnetic force from permanent magnets to clamp and secure workpieces in place.

Our magnetic chucks have been engineered to give an effective and instant holding force that will consistently and safely clamp the material being worked on.

Magnetic chucks give users higher rates of productivity when grinding, cutting and milling ferrous metals. As demonstrated below:
Examples of how to use Magnetic Chucks.  Minute Pole Rectangular Magnetic Chuck PMSM SERIES

How Does a Magnetic Chuck Work?
A magnetic chuck is activated by manually turning the key from the on to off position. Within the chuck, the magnets are always active, however, the magnetic flux remains locked inside the chuck when it is turned off.

Once the chuck is turned on, the magnets are aligned with the top plate, and the magnetic flux travels above the top plate. When a workpiece is applied to the top, it is secured as the flux is locked on to this. This will allow the user to securely work on the workpiece.
Turned On Magnetic Chuck
Turned Off Magnetic Chuck

Why Are Magnetic Chucks Used?
Magnetic Chucks only hold ferrous metals they are designed for holding workpieces. Magnetic chucks have been a valuable tool for work holding applications including grinding, milling and cutting applications.

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Product Range


Part No.           A              B             C
PME1225    250mm     46mm      120mm
PME1515     150mm      56mm     150mm
PME1525    250mm      56mm     150mm
PME1530    300mm     56mm     150mm
PME2040   400mm     56mm     200mm



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