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Ferrite Rotor Magnets with Multipole Magnetization

/Ferrite Rotor Magnets with Multipole Magnetization

Ferrite Rotor Magnets with Multipole Magnetization, Ceramic Rotor Magnets, Ferrite Tube Magnets, Multipole Ferrite Magnets

Ferrite Rotor Magnets with Multipole Magnetization, also called ceramic rotor magnets, are widely used in rotor for generator or electric motor, DC brushless motors, permanent magnet motors (used in cars) and etc. Our multipole is 2 poles, 6 poles, 8 poles, 24 poles.

Rotor Ferrite Magnets have the widest magnetic field of all magnets and good resistance to corrosion. Despite being a rather brittle magnet, Ferrite Rotors are used in a variety of applications ranging from DC motors, water conditioning, speakers and reed switches to crafts and magnetic therapies.

Hangseng Magnetech permanent ferrite tube magnets are offered in different sizes and dimensions and are the best option if you are looking for an economical alternative with good demagnetization resistance. Ferrite Tube Magnet is a common shape of Ferrite magnets. The cost of ferrite rotor magnets is really competitive in comparison with Neodymium and SmCo magnets, they are used widely in applications they don’t require high performance. Hangseng Magnets provide Ferrite Tube Magnets for various applications.

Ferrite / Ceramic Magnets resist chemical attacks from many of the alkaline solutions, dilute acids, organic solvents, and some hydroxides. They are fine for use in salt water conditions (no corrosion issues at all). It can be etched with acids (e.g. hydrochloric acid).

They do not need a coating but have been known to be coated only in specialist applications where any ferrite surface dust is not wanted (the coating locks in any dust that may remain from the production processes – an issue which does not affect over 99% of all applications).  An example where coating may be required is in medical applications (e.g. painting, nickel plating, etc).

So, for most applications, ferrite magnets (ceramic magnets) do not require any coating and can be used as is.
For note, ferrite magnets are naturally a darker grey colour and are often referred to as having a “pencil lead” colour.

Ferrite Rotor Magnets magnetic property and size can be according to clients’ requirement. Please contact us by E-mail us or call 86-574-27667267 for any size and design you need.

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Product Range

Model. No. Dimensions (mm)


Magnetic Pole Surface flux density (mT)
FRM-001 D8 x d4 x 3 6 90
FRM-002 D10.2 x d6 x 9 6 100
FRM-003 D12 x d4 x 12 2 130
FRM-004 D12 x d4 x 24 2 130
FRM-005 D13 x d4.5 x 20 2 130
FRM-006 D14.6 x d8 x 12 6 110
FRM-007 D15 x d4.5 x 20 2 130
FRM-008 D15 x d4.5 x 28 2 135
FRM-009 D16 x d7 x 4 24 110
FRM-010 D18 x d5 x 8 8 145
FRM-011 D18 x d7 x 6 8 130
FRM-012 D18 x d6 x 24 2 140
FRM-013 D18 x d6 x 40 2 140
FRM-014 D18.3 x d6 x 32 2 140
FRM-015 D19 x d6 x 30 2 140
FRM-016 D21 x d7 x 32 2 150
FRM-017 D22 x d8 x 45 2 150
FRM-018 D23.4 x d11 x 8 8 150
FRM-019 D23.4 x d12 x 9 8 155
FRM-020 D25 x d8 x 50 2 150
FRM-021 D25.6 x d17 x 20 24 110
FRM-022 D26 x d10 x 9 24 110
FRM-023 D28 x d8 x 8 8 160
FRM-024 D30 x d10 x 60 2 150

The above size is suitable for customer’s Magnetic Grade, Dimension tolerance: D ± 2%, d ± 1.5%, h ±0.15mm


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