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Ferrite Pot Magnets Cylindrical Borehole

/Ferrite Pot Magnets Cylindrical Borehole
  • Ferrite Pot Magnets with Cylindrical Borehole

Ferrite Pot Magnets Cylindrical Borehole, Ferrite pot magnets with borehole or with cylinder bore, Frrite ring magnets in steelpot, Hard Ferrite Pot Magnet with Through Hole

Ferrite Pot Magnets Cylindrical Borehole contains a Ferrite ring magnet within a plated steel casing. A cap screw can be used to securely clamp the pot magnet in place (clamping onto steelwork rather than the magnet) – the holes are 6.5, 8.5 and 10.5mm in diameter, and pull force are 18kg – 68kg.

Through Hole Mounting considers as ring magnet when these magnets have a pot magnet within. The spaces within an area of inner diameter of these magnets have a screw and a bolt to fix it with any substance. This space occupies with Clearance hole in the ring magnet with a screw/bolt head. However, the sizes of the magnet occupy a diameter. With help of these features, it helps the designer to verify the fixing of screw and the bolt.

The most vital advantage of this type of design is that, it can be fixing into by clamping by steelwork of the magnet. Thus allows maximum tightening to ensure safety while fitting.

The Ceramic Pot Magnet with Borehole Mounting has a good depth of field, which enables the larger magnets to be using it as a retrieval magnet. The Pot Magnet with Through Hole Mounting is ideal for use in heavy duty or industrial fixing applications.

Other sizes and shapes ferrite potmagnets Ferrite Pot Magnets Cylindrical Borehole may be possible (subject to minimum order quantities). Please contact us by E-mail us or call 86-574-27667267 for any size and design you need.


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Product Range




Part No.

D mm

H mm

d1 mm

d2 mm

Force* N

Weight g

Temperature °C

HSMAGFp03-01 50+0.2/-0.1 10+0.5/-0.2 8.5+0.2/-0.2 22 180 85 200
HSMAGFp03-02 57+0.2/-0.1 11+0.5/-0.2 6.5+0.2/-0.2 24 230 130 200
HSMAGFp03-03 63+0.3/-0.1 14+0.5/-0.2 6.5+0.2/-0.2 24 290 197 200
HSMAGFp03-04 80+0.3/-0.1 10+0.5/-0.2 6.4+0.2/-0.2 32 450 235 200
HSMAGFp03-05 80+0.3/-0.1 18+0.5/-0.2 6.5+0.2/-0.2 11.5 540 458 200
HSMAGFp03-06 83+0.3/-0.1 18+0.5/-0.2 10.5+0.2/-0.2 32 600 444 200
HSMAGFp03-07 100+0.5/-0.1 22+0.5/-0.2 10.5+0.2/-0.2 34 680 815 200
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