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Ferrite Pot Magnet with Metal Rod

/Ferrite Pot Magnet with Metal Rod
  • Ferrite Pot Magnet with Metal Rod

Ferrite Pot Magnet with Metal Rod, Flat Round Ferrite Monopole Pot Magnets, Ferrite Round Base Magnet with Steel Rod, Mono-Pole single pole anisotropic ferrite cap magnets, Strong Permanent Cup Magnets China Suppliers

Ferrite Pot Magnet with Metal Rod Feature
Style Stud Ferrite Pot Magnet
Size D9x28.8mm / Customized Size
Shape Pot Flat Magnet with Metal Rod
Composite Ferrite Magnet
Delivery Time 25 working days

Item No. D H ROD Force
mm mm mm Kg N Lbs
HS-8FGPPY3617 36 7.7 D9x28.8mm 5 49 11

This stud magnet can be used solely for holding with the metal rod providing an easy way for removal. Meanwhile, it also can be used together with something else, for example, it shows one possibility where the pot magnet works as a base and plastic grippers can be pulled on the rod.

Mono-pole magnets(also called as single pole magnets) are the magnets that only one surface have magnetism, the other surface just has very weak magnetism. We all know there are at least two poles for one magnet. Then how the mono-pole magnets be made? The method is coating one surface of the magnet with iron sheet. The magnetism of the coated surface is shielded, the magnetic lines are guided to the other surface, the magnetic force of other surface was strengthened. For some magnets application, only need the magnetic force of one side, the other side of magnetic force will cause interference; some application, only one side of magnetism can be used, the other side not used, which is not essential. For example packing magnets used on moon cake boxes. Then mono-pole can lower the cost and save magnetic material. Mono-Pole Magnets

Pot magnets with neodymium magnetic core have excellent holding force thanks to the use of anisotropic neodymium (NdFeB) magnets. The maximum working temperature of these types is up to +80°C, steel body is galvanized. These types are used in applications where high holding force and small dimensions are required.

The magnetic force effect of mono-pole magnets decided by the following three aspects:
1. Material: material kind and thickness and the distance between magnets and iron coats have a close relation with magnetic power.The pure iron sheet is easy to lost magnetism, the refraction will be strengthened with special treatment.There is no 100% shielding material so far.
2. Angle of coats: the effect is the best for solitary form angle coats, while right angle coats will lose the more magnetic line.
3. Space: magnetic line is like mobile phone signal, it needs space to refraction.

We can well use above principle to make the magnetic force of mono-pole magnets increased 50%. The maximum low cost and save material in the field of packing. Fashion Women / Men Jewelry Magnetic Clamps Non Piercing Nipple Ear Studs
Mono-pole magnets are widely used in moon cake boxes, mobile phone boxes, suitcases, leather etc.

Working temperatures: All flat and cylindrical pot magnets are long-term functional at maximum working temperatures, which are stated at each table. Despite of this fact, holding force loss can happen from 15% to 40%, but this effect is reversible and does not effect progressive holding force loss. Single Pole Monopole Magnet Neodymium

Application: Pot magnets can be inserted into different instruments, machines, tools. Can be used as auxiliary instruments during transport, clamping, mounting, lifting, welding, separation, etc. The best holding force is reached at full contact of the magnetic face with the ground ferromagnetic surface, force is vertical to the base (air gap = 0 mm). Small cracks on the magnet or steel pot do not have any influence to the functionality, lifetime and holding force of the pot magnet.

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