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Ferrite Magnetic Round Base for Magnetic Flashlight or Tool Holder

/Ferrite Magnetic Round Base for Magnetic Flashlight or Tool Holder
  • Ferrite Magnetic Round Base 5 inch dia

Ferrite Magnetic Round Base for Heavy Duty Magnetic Flashlight or Tool Holder, Pot Magnet Ferrite Magnetic Base for Customer’s Magnetic FlashLight Holder, Adjustable Ceramic Magnetic Base

Ferrite Magnetic Round Base Feature:

Pot Magnet Merial: Ferrite or Ceramic
Diameter: 5-inch
Pull Force: 200 pound
Coating: Black

Magnetic FlashLight Holder can accommodate any size, shape or weight flashlight. 200 pound grip Ferrite Magnetic Round Base secures flashlight holder to any ferrous metal surface at any angle. 180 degree adjustable hinge that swivels 360 degrees, enables users to position beam at any angle when magnetically mounted or even used as a basic stand. Ideal for use in and around vehicles, equipment, machinery, dock areas, etc.

– 7 inches tall, 3.5 inches wide, wieghing approximately 3 pounds

– heavy gauge metal bracket powder coated black for long lasting weather proof durability

– brackets adjust to any size flashlight diameter when user cinches brackets together with simple nut and bolt combination – 2 bolts and 2 nylocks and/or wing nuts

– 200 pound grip, 5-inch diameter magnet, black powder coated for ultimate durability and weather resistant strength

– effective stand even without using the magnetic capability – the magnetic base and metal bracket stand has enough weight to support even the heaviest flashlights at a full range of angles even when the base is not magnetically affixed to a ferrous metal surface

– can use vertically, horizontally of upside down securely on any ferrous metal surface

– adjustable 180 degree hinge enables users to position beam in any position securely – support swivels a full 360 degrees on the base.


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