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Ferrite Block Switch Magnets

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Ferrite Block Switch Magnets, Hard Sintered Ferrite Switch Permanent Magnets, Ferrite Blocks For Switches, Ceramic Blocks China Manufacturer

Switch Magnets – Permanent magnets ferrite blocks are commonly used for magnetic switch.

The sensor used in this type of switch is a reed switch that opens or closes an electronic circuit as a magentic field is nearby.
Both types are available; normally-open (NO) or normally-closed (NC) but both work in combination af a permanent magnet.
As the permanent magnet moves closer from the switch, it triggers it. When moving away, it releases it.

Though the principle seems simple, the choice of the permanent magnet is important.
It has to be as strong as possible while having limited dimensions and a low cost.
Common types for these applications are neodyme (NdFeB) blocks or, even cheaper, ferrite blocks.

We are able to supply both from our different manufacturing operations. Please contact us us for more details.

Creation of a permanent magnet requires some energy. This energy is supplied by the magnetizing field, stored in the magnet which afterward can create itself a magnetic field without energy consumption nor loss of intensity, under certain conditions of appropriate usage. So a permanent magnet behaves as a source of energy, from which the potential depends on the magnetic load.

As a general rule a magnet is a integral part of a system. As a result, mechanical and magnetic constraints must be simultaneously considered. Besides, every application has its own specifications, so that a range of materials will be better adapted than the other one to the satisfaction of the specifications of the system.

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