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FeCrCo Bowl Magnets Iron Chrome Cobalt

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Iron Chrome Cobalt, Bowl Shaped FeCrCo Magnets, Iron-Chrome-Cobalt magnets (FeCrCo), Fe-Cr-Co Magnets

Iron Chrome Cobalt – FeCrCo magnets is a new permanent material which emerge at the early of 70s. Its performance is similar to Alnico magnet 5, but better magnetic consistence than Alnico 5.FeCrCo magnets have super performance at mechanical processing. It can be machined by probing, drilling, grinding, punching and so on.FeCrCo magnets also can be made to small and complex shape components. Its minimum diameter can reach to 0.05mm and the thinnest thickness can teach to 0.1mm. The surface of finished components can be added various coatings according to the users’ request. The components also can be handled by grinding with metallic luster and the surface luster can be up to the highest.FeCrCo magnets have good temperature stability and corrosion resistance. The high Curie temperature is about 680° C and the highest working temperature can reach to 400° C. And its reversible temperature coefficient is very small, just -0.0128%° C. It is very suitable to high prevision components.As FeCrCo magnets have good magnetic and mechanical property, it is widely used in different fields. For examples, in civilian field, it is made into door sensors, high-speed duplicators. In electronic telecommunications, it can be made to hysteresis motors, computer embroidery machines, relays, buzzer of mobile phone and so on. It is also used in home appliances, like loud speakers, TV, aid hearing, electronic magnetic lock, alarm machine.

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