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Extremely Strong Samarium Cobalt Ring Magnet

/Extremely Strong Samarium Cobalt Ring Magnet
  • Extremely Strong Samarium Cobalt Ring Magnet
  • Custom SmCo Ring Permanent Magnet for Rotor Motor

Extremely Strong Samarium Cobalt Ring Magnet, High Temperature Resistant SmCo Magnetic Rings, Rare Earth Material Sintered SmCo Magnet, Custom Made SmCo Permanent Magnet for Rotor Motor China Factory

Extremely Strong Samarium Cobalt Ring Magnet Feature
Certification RoHS, ISO
Composite SmCo Magnet
Type Sm2Co17
Application Speaker Magnet, Industrial Magnet, Jewelry Magnet, Solenoid, Motor Magnet
Shape Ring
Coating No Coating

These SmCo Magnetic Rings belong to the group of particularly coercive magnets with great corrosion conditions. They are often utilized when the magnet needs to operate under high temperatures. These are with or without countersunk.

Attributes of SmCo Ring Magnets –
SmCo magnets are axially magnetized
Standard quality grade RSC26H is used. Please contact us if in need of other grades
Can be acquired with/without countersunk holes
Max temperature: 350 °C
Tolerances – SmCo ring magnets have tolerance of +/- 0.1 mm

Various Size, Uncoated or Ni coating samarium cobalt magnets if needed, Most Samarium Arc magnets are Magnetized through thickness in pairs. We would like to supply affordable price samples to customer.

SmCo magnets are produced of the rare earth material samarium-cobalt. SmCo magnets are highly coercive with excellent corrosion resistance. They are commonly used at sensors or other devices where the magnet needs to operate in high temperatures.

SmCo permanent magnet is a superior permanent magnet material, which not only has high magnetic property, but also has strong corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, low temperature coefficient, high Curie temperature, and can be used in higher ambient temperature. Widely used in motor, instrument, sensor, detector, radar and other high-tech fields. Rare Earth Material Samarium-Cobalt Magnet

Why choose HS magnetics?
1.provide hardware and plastic-related parts and components products, easy to purchase for you, can help you save logistics costs, to learn more information refer to machined parts/plastic parts.
2.produce high-performance products, stable performance, quality assurance, more details can refer to quality center.
3.sintered neodymium iron boron maximum magnetization direction can be produced at 60mm, samarium cobalt magnet maximum size can be produced at 120mmx120mmx100mm.
4.produce and process all kinds of OEM magnetic components.
5.sintered neodymium iron boron and sintered samarium cobalt magnets can be multi-pole magnetized.
6.sintered NdFeB magnet magnetic angle deviation degree can be controlled within 3 °, SmCo magnet magnetic angle deviation degree can be controlled within 2 °. stop service from R&D sample design to mass production.
8.cooperated with 30 outsourcing factories with ISO certificates.
9.custom made magnetic systems available.
10.excellent after sales service.

  • Customized is Available
  • Affordable price
  • Quality guaranteed
  • T/T or L/C accepted
  • Other payment accepted
  • Fast shipping, Worldwide delivery
  • 24-Hours excellent customer service
  • Offer free magnetic solution
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