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Extra Small Sewing Magnets w/ Circular Plastic Cover 10mm

/Extra Small Sewing Magnets w/ Circular Plastic Cover 10mm
  • Extra Small Sewing Magnets w Circular Plastic Cover 10mm

10 x 2 mm Extra Small Sewing Magnets w/ Circular Plastic Cover, NdFeB Sew-In Magnetic Snap Closures, Thin Sewing Round Disc Magnet with Plastic Cover, Custom Hidden Sewing Magnets Supplier Made in China

Extra Small Sewing Magnets w/ Circular Plastic Cover 10mm Features:

Part No.: NMSWM-S1002
Magnet Material: NdFeB
Neo Grade: N35, N38
Magnet Shape: Disc
PVC Cover Shape: Circular
Diameter: 10 mm
Height: 2 mm
Diameter circular PVC cover: 28 mm
Coating/Plating: Zinc (Zn) / Nickel (NiCuNi)
Weight: 1.7 g
Clear PVC cover with + / – pole (Magnet with + / – pole also can be produced)

These great Sewing Magnets are designed especially for sewing into fabrics. Great for purses, clasps, and many other magnetic attachments for clothing and other textiles. These magnets also work great as magnetic clasps in binders, folders and other printed materials. Sewing magnets are sold in matched pairs. An order quantity of 1 gets you two magnets.

For items that are frequently washed, we recommend the plastic cover included on this magnet, which helps protect it from moisture. For items that are infrequently washed, is the same disc magnet without the plastic cover. Machine wash cold, dry on low heat.

A wonderful sew-in snap set encased in sturdy yet pliable plastic.
Magnetic button for easy opening and closing.
Use on bags, totes, backpacks, jacket pockets and purses.
Easy to sew over with your machine, making it completely invisible on the outside of the bag.
Designed to operate perfectly through several layers of fabric.

Disc Magnets are thin flat circular magnets where the thickness does not exceed the diameter. They are the most commonly used magnet shape and the most versatile.
Most Disc Magnets,Neodymium Disc Magnets have their north and south pole on the flat circular surface (axial magnetization). The few exceptions, which are diametrically magnetized, are specifically marked. Custom Design Ferrite Rotor Magnets

Main Feature:
Compact & strong
High adhesive force on small area
All-rounder among neodymium magnets

Check for differert shapes
Block magnets
Ring magnets
Sphere magnets
Arc magnets

We offer our disc magnets in over 200 different sizes. They have adhesive forces from 25 g to 500 kg, Listed below are some of our best-selling sizes of neodymium disc magnets. Other sizes are available. E-mail us if the size you need is not listed here.

  • Customized is Available
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Product Range

Part No. Magnet Dimensions Neo Grade PVC Cover’s Shape Magnet Shape Coating
NMSWM-S1002 Dia 10 x 2 mm N35 / N38 Square Disc Nickel / Zinc
NMSWM-S1202 Dia 12 x 2 mm
NMSWM-S1402 Dia 14 x 2 mm
NMSWM-S1602 Dia 16 x 2 mm
NMSWM-S1802 Dia 18 x 2 mm
NMSWM-S2002 Dia 20 x 2 mm
NMSWM-S2502 Dia 25 x 2 mm
NMSWM-C1002 Dia 10 x 2 mm N35 / N38 Cricul Disc / Round Nickel / Zinc
NMSWM-C1202 Dia 12 x 2 mm
NMSWM-C1402 Dia 14 x 2 mm
NMSWM-C1602 Dia 16 x 2 mm
NMSWM-C1802 Dia 18 x 2 mm
NMSWM-C2002 Dia 20 x 2 mm
NMSWM-C2502 Dia 25 x 2 mm
NMSWM-R2506 25.6 x 6 x 1.4 mm N35 / N38 Rectangular Block Nickel / Zinc

 for example: Customer need feature of Sew-in Magnetic Snap Closure is Dia 18 x 2 mm, N35, Disc Magnet, Cricul PVC Cover, Zinc Plating. The Sew-in Magnet’s Part No. is NMSWM-C1802-35Zn

Notice: We can supply OEM and Customized design.

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