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Extendable Magnetic Flashlight Multi-tool

/Extendable Magnetic Flashlight Multi-tool
  • Extendable Magnetic Flashlight Multi-tool

Extendable Magnetic Flashlight Multi-tool, 3-in-1 Extendable Bendable LED Flashlight Magnetic Pick-Up Tool, Magnetic Pocket LED Work Light with Flexible, Extendable Telescoping Flashlight, and Dual Magnet Bases- Lasts Up to 100,000 Hours, 3 In 1 Metal Torch| Portable Telescopic Flexible Extendable Telescopic Extending Torch Work Light With Magnetized Head China Supplier Factory

Extendable Magnetic Flashlight Multi-tool, Magnet Tools & Assemblies Specifications:

·        Model #: HSMFTF-02
·        Item Weight: approx. 3.2ounces
·        Product Dimensions: 6 5/8 x 5/8 x 5/8 inches
·        Extended Dimensions: 22.5 x 5/8 x 5/8 inches
·        Batteries: Included – LR44, takes 4 LithiumMetal batteries.
·        Color: Black
·        Power Source:Battery-Powered
·        Item Package Quantity:1
·        Type of Bulb: 3-led
·        Rugged aluminum body construction
·        Flexible and adjustable neck for heard to reach places

The 3-in-1 Extendable Bendable LED Flashlight Magnetic Pick-Up Tool is a gift everyone could use. It extends to 22.5 inches and has magnets at both ends, so you can pick up small items or suspend it from something. Four LR44 batteries are included.

It is useful both to illuminate some hard-to-reach areas and to recover various pieces of iron (screws, clips, nuts) dropped into narrow spaces with the magnet on the flashlight head
It has a high degree of quality, strength and durability, and can be used in continuous work without any problem.
Built in anodized aluminum body with inner ring and rubber button on / off. The grip comes with a new groove system for added grip and comfort when using.
Flexible head and telescopic body that help in lighting in hard to reach places. Magnetic bases for fixing to metal surfaces. Flexible head with magnetic ring to collect small metal parts in hard to reach places. Equipped with LEDs that emit white light of high quality. Batteries included. Blister.

Practical with flexible head and integrated magnet
The telescopic LED flashlight from HSMAG is an extremely useful piece of technology at your workplace. With the magnetic head you can easily remove lost screws, bolts or nuts from your engine (block). In addition, the flexible neck ensures that you can reach everything and are provided with super pure LED light everywhere! The head can be bent in all directions by the flexible neck. The flashlight is extendable to no less than 53 cm, providing you with light in the darkest and deepest places! The telescopic flashlight can then be retracted to the pocket size! So you always take the flashlight with you. This LED flashlight is very robust due to its shock-resistant aluminum housing and has 6 extremely bright LEDs.

The flexible head of the Telescopic Flexible Magnetic LED Flashlight can be wrapped around or hooked on to objects and the magnetic design can stick to metal surfaces leaving your hands free to complete the work. Magnetic Telescopic Flashlight with Flexible Neck LED
Powerful flashlight with practical functions. Magnetic Telescopic Flashlight with Flexible Neck LED

This is an aluminum mini telescope lamp with 6 bright white LEDs and a magnetic integrated antenna. The lamp can be pulled out up to 53 cm. Thanks to the integrated magnet, lost, small objects can be found and picked up without any problems. Practical for the car industry and electrical engineering. This handy and small flashlight can easily be taken everywhere and is therefore multi-usable. For example, you can place it in the car or in the meter cupboard, or use it for professional applications. Adjustable Flashlight Magnet Tool
Important features
Robust aluminum housing
Magnetic pick-up tool extendable up to max. 53 cm
With flexible head with strong magnet
Unique and beautiful design

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