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Encased Alnico Magnets with Unthreaded Hole

/Encased Alnico Magnets with Unthreaded Hole
  • Encased Alnico Magnets with Unthreaded Hole

Encased Alnico Magnets with Unthreaded Hole, Round Base Alnico Magnets, Insulated & Steel Encased Magnets, Holding Magnets, Alnico Pot Magnets, Flat Pot Magnet Assemblies, Disc Alnico Encased Permanent Countersunk Magnets, AlNiCo Shallow Pot Magnet

Encased Alnico Magnets with Unthreaded Hole – An iron case concentrates and focuses the magnetic field. It also protects the magnetic material. Alnico magnets aren’t as strong as rare earth magnets, but they withstand higher temperatures.
Magnets come with a keeper that covers the poles to preserve the strength of the magnet and protect it from attracting metal during storage.
Warning: Maximum pull ratings are based on direct contact with rust-free and unpainted iron plate. Variations in material condition will significantly reduce these ratings. Do not use for lifting over people.
3D CAD models available, For technical drawings and 3-D models, please contact us.
Format:On request, can be supplied in any other dimension. Consult with business.
Maximum working temperature:350ºC
For maximum working temperature contact our sales department.
Standard sizes:The data reflected table for each type of magnetic base, shows the values of strength on a sheet of 10 mm.
They are designed to attract metallic objects and are made up of a protective steel body around the inner magnet.

Galvanized, red lacquered body, AlNiCo 500 magnetic core, anisotropic, working temperature max. +180°C.
We can supply execution in galvanized steel body for working temperature max. +350°C upon request.
The holding force is determined at room temperature (20°C) on a polished plate made of mild steel with a thickness of 10 mm by pulling the magnet vertically from the surface (1 kg ≈ 10 N). A deviation of -10% in the stated values is possible in exceptional cases. In general, the value will be exceeded. Polished Cover Plastic Encased Neodymium Magnets


Thick. OD Hole
Pull, lbs.
Sets of
Temperature, °F
Grade Color For Screw
Steel Case
0.295″ 3/4 0.18″ 6 1 420° Alnico 5 Red No. 8
11/32 1/8 0.21″ 11 1 420° Alnico 5 Red No. 10
0.407″ 1/2 0.218″ 28 1 420° Alnico 5 Red No. 10

All Measurements are in inches (unless otherwise noted)
Direction of Magnetization (DOM) is through the thickness unless noted
Unless otherwise specified, magnets will be furnished in magnetized condition
Holding forces are approximate. These are average values obtained under laboratory conditions. Size, shape, and material of the test piece may affect actual pull forces

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