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Electronic Magnetic Pole Tester

/Electronic Magnetic Pole Tester
  • Electronic Magnetic Pole Tester

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Electronic Magnetic Pole Tester Product Data Sheets:
Part No.: MPDT-05
+/- 15mT on/off hysteresis
Weight: 31g including batteries
Dimensions: 134 x 22 x 19mm
Battery: 4 x 1.5v button cell
Buzzer and LED indication
Operating temperature: 0 to 50°C

Magnet pole indicator – shows the north or south pole of magnets.
Pocket sized.
Battery powered (includes batteries)
Red LED lit = North face detected
Green LED lit = South face detected

Polarity check
Error detection and analysis
Quality control
application use example – in electric motor assembly

Automatic magnetic pole tester identifies the North (+) and South (-) ends of any magnet
Electronic tool determines the proper side to use for your magnetic therapy needs
Magnetic pole tester has two lights for indicating the polarity, green (-) and red (+)
Convenient measuring only 5.75 inches long x 0.75 inch wide
Built-in pocket clip
Use four (4) 1.5-volt batteries (included)

This Portable Electronic Magnetic Pole Detector comes with Red and Green Led Light to indicate the north or south pole of a permanent magnet.

To use this tool to identify the north and south poles of a permanent magnet, following the steps below
Press and hold the black oval button.
Close and point the tip of the detector to the magnet pole you want to identify.
If the Red LED lights up, then it is the north pole. If the Green LED lights up, it is the south pole.

This pole identifier is guaranteed to be 100% accurate. It can be used to test all the permanent magnets, including rare earth magnets such as neodymium magnets, SmCo magnets, AlNiCo magnets, Ceramic magnets. At home, you can test the poles of your refrigerator magnets, magnetic pushpins, the security sensors which made of magnets, etc.

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