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Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeder

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Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeder, Low noise and durable electromagnetic vibration feeder machine for building, Vibration Feeder Electromagnetic Feeder Feeding Machine Feeding Equipment, Electromagnetic Grizzly Vibratory Motor Vibrating Feeder

The GZ series electromagnetic vibrating feeder is characterized by its small and compact structure. It is lightweight with no moving parts, making it easy to operate, install, and maintain.

The electromagnetic vibrating feeder is designed to be energy efficient and can be operated manually or through centralized control. Feed volume may be finely calibrated and tweaked.

Electromagnetic vibration feeder is a kind of machine which can transported the little massive, granular, powder and other bulk materials from the hopper or storage to the receive device continuously and evenly.It is appropriate for the powder material and the toxic volatile material continuous conveying. It is a kind of suitable machine for automatic prodcution line.

Working principle
Electromagnetic vibration feeder uses the resonance principle of mechanical vibration The materials inside the material trough are continuously thrown up during the feeding process and move forwards along the track of a parabola. Because the control equipment of electromagnetic vibrating feeder adopts half-wave rectification circuit, during the using process, it can conveniently adjust the feeding amount through adjusting the open angle of silicon controlled rectifier and realize centralized control and automatic control of the production flow.

Main features
1. Simple structure, even feeding, good continues performance
2. Large capacity and high efficiency, low noise and power consumption.
3. Stable and smooth vibrating, long working life.
4. It has no rotating parts, no need to lubrication.
5. Easy to install and use, low maintenance cost.
6. Good operational reliability and easy adjustment.

Electromagnetic vibration feeder is widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal, building materials, light industry, chemicals, machinery industry and agriculture. It can also be applicable for automatic batching and quantitative packing and production process automation system. motor drive vibrating feeder

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Product Range

Technical Parameter of Small Electromagnetic Vibrating Powder Feeder
Model GZ1 GZ2 GZ3 GZ4 GZ5 GZ6
Capacity(t/h) 0.1 0.5 1 2 4 6
Double amplitude 1.5mm
Frequency(r/min) 3000
Power(w) 5 8 20 25 30 50
Weight(kg) 4 7 12 18 27 45
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