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Electromagnetic Separator for Dry Powder

/Electromagnetic Separator for Dry Powder
  • Electromagnetic Separator for Dry Powder

Electromagnetic Separator for Dry Powder, DRY Electromagnetic Seperators, Limestone powder separator electromagnetic dry powder magnetic separator, Magnetic Separation Equipment manufacturer

1. The HSDCFJ series dry powder electromagnetic separator is able to completely eradicate iron scraps from dry powder materials.
2. It is designed for simple connection. Raw material intake and discharge can be easily facilitated via exterior pipes or canvas bags.
3. Under the vibration effects of the motor, all particles less than 200 mm are filtered through the screen mesh along with high humidity raw materials.
4. The standard model electromagnetic separator can process dry powder materials with temperatures of up to 70 centigrade, and our specialized model can handle raw materials at even higher temperatures.
5. The electromagnetic separation system may be installed according to your preferences, as long as the frame can achieve stability for safe operations.
6. Cleaning the magnetic filtration net is easy. Simply place a plate by the discharging pole while powering off the magnetic separation machine to negate all magnetism. permanentmagnetic overband separator

Iron remover was divided into planar magnetic separator, flat iron remover, etc. It is a powerful attraction magnetic field can produce the equipment, it can be mixed ferromagnetic impurities removal in the material, to ensure the transmission system of mechanical equipment such as crusher, grinding machine safety work,At the same time can effectively prevent because of the large, long iron cross crack accident of conveyor belt, can significantly improve the raw material grade.According to the unloading iron methods and can be divided into artificial removing iron, automatic unloading iron and program control iron and other works, due to the use of different occasions and magnetic circuit structure, formed a variety of series of products.

Long service life: some sections are poured using electric dedicated resin. Self-cooled full sealed structure,dust proof, rain-proof and anti-corrosion.
Excellent security: wave wing type cooling fin increase the cooling area,control the temperature rise effectively.
Good performance: can effective gettering 1.0-50kg weight of ferromagnet substance from non-magnet materials.

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Product Range


Technical Specifications

Capacity t/h 5 15 20 5 15 20
Weight kg 200 400 450 800 1200 1400
Diameter of filter screen mm 145 245 295 145 245 295
Quantity of filter screen 13 15 15 13 15 15
Volume of insulation oil (L) 18 50 50 60 70 70
Dimension of control panel (mm) 300x400x540 350x500x600