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Electromagnet Magnetic Control Platform

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  • Electromagnet Magnetic Control Platform

Electromagnet Magnetic Control Platform – WB type double yoke double tuned adjustable air gap series of electromagnets are designed to keep the best rigid, magnetic circuit symmetry. The electromagnet can be placed vertical, horizontal or fixing angle, the magnetic field is parallel to the ground. The air gap adjusting range of the electromagnet is wide, to replacethe polar head is convenient. It is applicable to a variety of magnetic measurement. Such as: magnetic material measurement, vibrating sample magnetometer, magnetic susceptibility measurement, Holzer effect, torque magnetometer, magneto optical effect test, magnetostrictive test and magnetic resonance test.

electromagnet field control platform (FCP) integrates unique hardware and firmware components to provide users with a variable magnetic field platform that can be used both independently or as the foundation for a user-designed magnetic measurement system. Within the FCP system includes an electromagnet, a bipolar magnet power supply, a DSP gaussmeter with integrated field control firmware, and a gaussmeter Hall probe and holder.

Lake Shore FCPs are easily configured to accommodate specific user requirements that are based on magnetic field strength, field uniformity, and sample size while ensuring that custom measurement application requirements are met. As systems that are ideally used for their integration into user-designed magnetic test systems, some of the most common applications of these FCPs include:

Magneto-optical studies
In-line annealing
Hall effect studies
Susceptibility measurements
Spin magnetic resonance demonstrations
B-H curves
Precision sensor calibration.
Product Features
Ideal for user-designed magnetic measurement systems
Fields exceeding 3 T
Lake Shore Model 475 gaussmeter
Provides stable field control
Various electromagnet configurations available
4 inch
7 inch
10 inch
Continuously variable air gap electromagnets available
Solid and optical access pole caps available
Linear, bipolar, true 4 quadrant electromagnet power supplies

Parameters of Electromagnet Magnetic Control Platform

Note: Special uniform area 15mm
Uniformity: better than 0.10%

Water Cooler

Concret Parameters of Electromagnet Magnetic Control Platform
1 FL-01 series air-cooled water cooler
2 Standard Cooling Capacity: 2382kcal / h; 2.77KW;  Input Power: 1.34KW;  Power: ~ 220V / 50HZ;
3 compressor is hermetic and rotary, power: 0.75KW;
4 Refrigerant: R22; control mode: capillary;
5 Condenser Type : high-performance copper tube covered aluminum fin + low noise external rotor fan; the cooling air flow: 1000m3/h;
6 Evaporator Type: water tank coil pipe; frozen water: 0.476m3 / h; water tank capacity: 20L;
7 Pump Power: 0.37KW, delivery lift: 20m; Inlet and outlet water pipe diameter: DN15;
8 Safety Protection System: compressor overheat protection, over current protection, high and low pressure protection, over-temperature protection, flow protection, phase sequence/phase lack protection, exhaust overheating protection, freeze protection;
9 Electrostatic spray shell, beautiful appearance, appearance plate used rapidly dismounting form, convenient use and maintenance.
10 Overall Dimensions ( length and width and height ): 500 * 500 * 725mm; (actual size to prevail); mechanical weight: 75kg;
11 Refrigeration Output Basis: temperature of returned chilled water 20℃; temperature of output chilled water 15℃; condensing temperature: 35℃;
12 Scope of Work: temperature of chilled water outlet:5℃-35℃; temperature difference between in and out of chilled water:2.5-6.5; tesla meter verification device

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