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Electro Permanent Magnetic Milling Chuck

/Electro Permanent Magnetic Milling Chuck
  • Electro Permanent Magnetic Milling Chuck

Electro Permanent Magnetic Milling Chuck, 50×50 poles cnc milling machine magnetic table with controller, permanent magnetic milling table, Electric magnetic chuck for surface grinder

The Main Uses and Characteristics of  Electro Permanent Magnetic Milling Chuck:
1.Super strong magnetic force that is able to reach 1,000kg per 100 square centimeters.
2. Permanent magnetic chuck designed in electric control structural . Magnetizing and demagnetizing in 2 seconds. Don’t need continuous power supply in operation. No temperature rise in operation. so no impact on precision and work piece deformation due to temperature rise. Can used for long time.
3. Work with magnetic-inductive soft claw. Smooth cutter movement in machining. Able to complete 5-face machining, drilling, tapping, groove milling and forming in one-pass operation.
4. Improve efficiency greatly. Decrease repetitive tolerance and satisfy precision requirement. Shorten work piece clamping time thoroughly.
5. The clamping area can cover the complete machining area on average. Able to machine several work pieces. Optimize workflow time.
6. Apply to cutting and machining of medium work piece and rough work piece.
7. Permanent magnet electric control system is the basic working principle of permanent magnetic materials with different characteristics, through the electronic control system of internal control over the distribution of the magnetic circuit with the conversion, so that the magnetic field of permanent magnet to strike a balance in the system.

Electropermanent magnetic chuck, (ALNiCo and Neodymium)
Reduce set-up time and increase available machine time
Help to dampen vibrations, resulting in longer tool life
Allow single set-up machining with 5-sided accessibility
Operation through TM Series controls
Through drilling possible with use of rise blocks
Backrest and endstops
Hold down clamps

Application and its scope:
1. Applicable to cutting machining of medium work piece and rough work piece.
2. Applicable to drilling and finish machining of small work piece. Powerful Electric Magnetic Workholding Chuck
3. Work piece thickness must be above 10mm.
4. Best work piece gripping at least 4 pole contact faces.
5. Work with magnetic-inductive soft claw and sliding block for grip machining on more functions, such as 5-face, machining, drilling, threading, groove milling.
6. One-pass operation. Grip machining is on work irregular or face bending.

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