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Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chuck For Plastic Injection Machine

/Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chuck For Plastic Injection Machine
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EPPLC Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chuck For Plastic Injection Machine, Magnetic Chuck for Plastic Molding, Quick Mold Change Magnetic Chuck (EPPLC), ELECTRO-PERMANENT MAGNETIC QUICK MOLD CHANGE SYSTEM, Injection Molding Machine Magnetic Chuck

Magnetic Chuck For Plastic Injection Machine – This series magnetic tool, products is used for the manufactory that produces plastic injection produces with Smaller batchs, quicker delivery times and “just in time “delivery force the supplier to more frequent tool/mould change.

High performance
with its high energy magnets the EPPLC system ensure an absolute safe application in injection moulding machines due to a homogeneous and concentrated flux through the base plate of the mould.

Tool control
Very precise control of the tool position and the air gap between back plate and magnetic platen. The induction control system monitors the air gap between mold and magnet. The control ties in to the machine through a defined interface (euromap 70). This makes the systerm safe without any further sensors. Magnetic tools

Electropermanent magnetic system, utilizing high energy magnets, will not be affected by electfic power failures. Due to the monoblock-steel-construction the platen shows highest possible rigidity. Modlar designed systerm with limited construction height. Electronic pole-reversing control unit with safety feature. Poles separated with brass, ensuring high wear resistance.

The control-EPPLC – CE
This control is especially designed for the complete magnetizing and demagnetizing cycles of the magnetic platen. Also suitable for exchange of existiong controls.

The Advanced Of Quick Mold Change System EPPLC    
EPPLC is the most complete answer to JIT (Just In Time) and SMED (Single Minute Die Exchange) in all advanced manufacturing process to face smaller production batches and wider product ranges, by offering.
Better quality in molding
Reduction of machine down time
Materials saving
Power saving
Safe use
Simple operation
NO Additional costs(include maintain)
Use of long-term
Improve the performance of the injection machine and max. use of space

Using the EPPLC Permanent-electro magnetic system for quick mould clamping tool change times of just a few minutes can be achieved.
Memorizing of the plattens’magnetic characteristics
Integrated interface with the machine
Suitable for integration in injection moulding machine control cabinet
Monitoring of air gap between magnetic platen and mould
This seies were produced accrding the customers request.

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Product Range


EPPLC (Permanent-electro magnetic system for quick mould clamping)

Injection Molding Machine Clamping Force (t) Magnetic Platen Size(mm) Each Magnetic Platen poles’ Number(pcs) Each Magnetic Platen’ s Clamping Force
A B Thickness
50 540 540 52 8 6000
80 600 600 52 11 8250
100 600 600 52 13 9750
125 660 690 52 15 11250
150 750 750 52 19 14250
200 830 830 52 22 16500
250 950 950 52 33 24750
300 950 950 52 33 24750
350 950 1050 52 44 33000
420 1100 1200 52 52 39000
500 1200 1300 52 64 48000
650 1350 1450 52 102 76500
800 1500 1600 52 118 88500
1000 1700 1900 52 150 112500
1300 1900 2200 52 201 150750
1500 2000 2400 52 260 195000
2000 2300 2600 52 329 246750
2300 2400 2850 52 385 288750
2700 2600 3050 52 454 340500
3200 2600 3050 52 454 340500
4000 2950 3300 52 641 480750

Through Holes
The mounting holes for installation and the through holes for ejectors clearance on the moving platens and injection nose hole

Proximity Sensors
An inductive proximity sensor located in the “neutral” area detects the presence of the mold to enable the activation of the magnetization cycle. The 0.2 mm threshold value prevents any “open field magnetization” to grant the operator safety and it immediately halts the machine functions in case of mold detachment.
Lower Resin Level
Special epoxy resin with high thermal and dynamic resistance is used to seal the magnetic circuit. The under surface level positioning helps to stabilize the temperature and to avoid any possible “air-gap” in case of micro expansions.

Fcs Sensor
To check the value of the magnetic flux saturation reached by some poles and to enable the machine work.

Locating Ring
For a quick and precise mold set up

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