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Electro-magnets Supplier MK-P20/15

/Electro-magnets Supplier MK-P20/15
  • Electro-magnets Supplier MK-P20-15

Electro-magnets Supplier MK-P20/15, Round AC DC Electromagnets, Rugged High-powered Electromagnets, Holding Electric Magnet Lifting Solenoid Sucker Electromagnet

Electro-magnets Supplier Feature:
Part No.: MK-P20/15
Item:Holding Electric Magnet
Input Voltage: 24V DC
Current: 0.125A
Power Consumption: 3W
Holding Force: 2.5kg/5.5lb
Material: Metal
Color: Silvery
Diameter: 20 mm
Center Diameter: 8 mm
Height: 15 mm
Lead Length: 200 mm
Thread Size: M4

Super Small Electromagnet Buy Electromagnets online with HSMAG
Introducing a range of Hold / Release Electromagnets suitable for many varied applications.
This simple but extremely effective magnet requires an electrical current to switch the magnet on and therefore will often be referred to as an ‘Energise to Hold’ magnet. Switching the magnet off or ‘releasing’ the magnet is achieved by simply removing the electrical current.
Our standard stock products offers a range of 2.5Kg to 50Kg Pull Force which covers many typical applications. Other sizes are available by request with effective pull forces of upto 120Kg.
The magnets are finished with a robust and practical Zinc Coating and each magnet features a threaded hole in the rear face designed for fixing / mounting purposes.
Typical applications include:
Hold / Release
Remote Holding
Widely used in automated production lines and distribution, sorting machinery, transport robots, test equipment, medical, grinding, cutting, cutting and other automated processing production line material or product, delivery.
Cautions: Adsorbed surface should be as smooth and adsorption area of not less than solenoid pull surface.

Radial pole, flat surface.
Best in holding applications.
Maximum holding at nogap.
Continuous dutycycle.
Max. Ambient temp 40°C (100°F)
Composite:miniature electromagnets
Application:Industrial Magnet
item:miniature electromagnets
shape:coil with solenoid
features:Radial pole, flat surface.
holding values:as in chart
Round magnet dimmensions::as in chart
weight:as in art
length:as in art below
width:see attached detail
diameter:refer to the chart
Round magnet dimmensions:refer to the picture

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Holding Electromagnet Model Number

Holding Electromagnet Model Number

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