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Electro Magnet Plate for CNC Machine

/Electro Magnet Plate for CNC Machine
  • Electro Magnet Plate for CNC Machine

Electro Magnet Plate for CNC Machine, CNC Milling Machine Electro Magnetic Chuck, Magnetic Holder Table, electro permanent magnetic chuck, super powerful electro magnet milling machine table

♦ Brief introduction of Electro Magnet Plate for CNC Machine, milling machine magnetic chuck
HSDYCX series milling machine magnetic chuck is electro permanent Magnetic chuck for milling and CNC machine. Standard type: Suitable for good quality surface workpieces. Strong magnetic type: Suitable for bad quality surface workpieces.

♦ Advantage of milling machine magnetic chuck
No electricity is consumed during the working period. Electricity shutdown won’t affect the operation of the magnet system or the magnetic latching of the work load.

♦ Features of milling machine magnetic chuck
1.High and uniform magnetic power.
2.Perfect safety in case of power failure. No electricity needed to keep the magnetic chuck on.
3.Unobstructed movement of cutters during machining.
4.Drastically reduces set up time.
5.Help in achieving best machining accuracy.
6.Uniform clamping over entire area, no chattering of tools, increase of service life.
7.All-steel surface electro permanent magnet chuck with below advantages :
Cooling water and oil will not enter into the magnet chuck body.
With no epoxy resin sealig, guarantee the most complex machining requirement.
Longer working life and no maintenance cost

What is electro permanent magnetic chuck ?

It is widely used in lathe, milling machine, boring machine, grinding machine,Mobile phone chuck, turnout processing etc., using the overall processing, the inside without moving parts, with high strength and high rigidity, can meet all kinds of machine stroke and various types parts of high-precision processing, strong and perfect suction, the maximum magnetic force up to 16kgf/cm2.

Compared with the traditional clamp, the permanent magnet chuck eliminates the need of screw, platen and other fixture, the work piece is easy to install, to achieve a clamping 5-sided processing,rapid batch processing improve production efficiency. With the use of elastic magnetic block,deformation of the work piece can easily grasp the processing, and the adsorption force is uniform, will not make the work piece stress deformation. CNC Milling Machine Electro Magnetic Chuck

Usage of Electro Magnet Plate for CNC Machine:

Electric permanent magnet fixture can be used for steel materials, cutting, grinding, milling and other processing of the clamping, switching state close to the power button, there is no magnetic field off, the suction will always have magnetic, and magnetic force does not take time Attenuation, even if the power or drag cable damage is not affected, it is known as safety fixture.

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