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Eddy Current Magnetic Separator

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Eddy Current Magnetic Separator, Professional Eddy Current Non Ferrous Metal Separator For Copper and Aluminum, Nonferrous Metal Aluminum and Copper Separator Eddy Current Separator, Automatic Scrap Metal Shards Eddy Current Sorting Magnetic Separator

Eddy Current Magnetic Separator – The HTECS series eddy current separator is primarily utilized for the recovery of non-ferrous metals. Viable candidates include waste cable, copper, aluminum, auto spare parts, etc. This highly efficient non-ferrous metal separator is designed for stability. Its lightweight frame offers great adaptability.

The eddy current separator is often utilized for environment protection purposes, most notably in the non-ferrous recycling field. Essentially, this type of waste treatment equipment operates on the basis of two physical phenomena.
1. Firstly, a time dependant transposing magnetic field is always accompanied by a transposing electric field. The current conductor creates the magnetic field and if the electric conductor is exposed to this particular field then a perpendicular eddy current will be produced. permanent magnetic iron separator
2. Secondly, the eddy current produced by the conductor reacts with its corresponding reflective magnetic field, which exerts an exclusion force on the conductor, effectively isolating it from other substances.

Eddy current separator is an effective method for non-ferrous metal recovery. It has a good separation effect and strong adaptability, reliable mechanical structure, structure, light weight, strong repulsive force (adjustable), high separation efficiency, and the advantages of large quantity, can make the separated some non-ferrous metals from electronic waste, in the electronic waste recycling production line is mainly used for sorting out from the mixed materials of copper and aluminum and other non-ferrous metal and can also be used in the field of environmental protection, especially in the regeneration of non-ferrous metals industry application.

It is mainly used for household waste, industrial waste, industrial waste slag, electronic appliances waste, glass broken materials, boiler ashes, scrap car slice, such as copper, aluminum, tin, lead, stainless steel and other kinds of weak magnetic conductor materials, non-magnetic conductor materials, non-ferrous metals and other materials in the industry of non-ferrous metals processing.

1.Separate the non-ferrous metals from smash material
2.Separate aluminum and copper from aluminum bronze casting sand and smelting ash
3.Remove aluminum cap from a glass bottle
4.Separate aluminum and copper from lump material
5.Separate the non-ferrous metals from incineration of printing plate
6.Separate aluminum cans from the city rubbish
7.Separate aluminum wire and aluminum alloy

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Product Range


Technical Specifications

Model Adaptation
output m3/h
Diameter of the
separator roller
Speed of the
roller r/min
size L*B*Hmm
Motor power kw Weight
HTECS-40 Less than4m3/h 320 50-2800 60-150 2885*1500*1695 4 1.1 1200
HTECS-60 Less than6m3/h 320 2885*1700*1695 5.5 1.1 1350
HTECS-80 less than8m3/h 320 2950*1900*1695 5.5 1.5 1500
HTECS-100 less than
400 2950*2100*1695 7.5 1.5 1900
HTECS-120 less than
400 2950*2400*1695 7.5 1.5 2100
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