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Drawer Magnets, Drawer-in-Housing Magnet, Drawer Magnets for Magnetic Separation, Magentic Drawer Separator, Magnetic Grate Tubes in a Housing

Drawer magnets provide valuable protection for injection molding machines, molds and dies. Mounted on the throat of the molding machine, tramp metal is stopped from flowing into the machine by powerful rare earth magnets. Drawer magnets are available in painted and stainless steel in different styles to suit specific application needs.

1.Magnet drawer can be installed under the convryor belt with width 500MM.600MM.800MM.
2.Magnet drawers are used to get rid of large particles magnet material with 1MM×1MM to 10MM×10MM.
3.Feature of Magnet drawer: all of the magnetic bars compose inside face plate,aslo the magnetic bar is configure protective sleeve, for protect magnetic bars from destroy effectively.
4.Operation of magnetic drawer separator:depart iron material conveniently and quickly,adsorption on the iron magnetic material would automatically separate and then pull out the magentic tubes will fall.
5.Advatage of Magnet drawer: still continuous working without pausing feeding material when pull iron maerial layer by layer .
6.Performance of magnetic drawer separators: up to 7000GS
7.Application of magnet drawer: Ceramic,electric power, mining, plastic, chemical, rubber, pharmaceutical, food,environmental protection,electronics, metallurgy, pigment, dye. Etc.

To order an custom drawer magnet, use this interactive form and submit by email or contact a HSMAG representative.

Model with stainless steel grids and housing can be supplied if required. The drawer magnets are available with either Ferrite magnets or with High Intensity. Rare Earth Nd-Fe-B Magnets. Should your application require a unique mating size, we can custom fabricate a transition or flange to meet your needs. Please Contact Us Today! 86-574-27667267 or Email to

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Product Range


1. magnetic layers:character arrangement (specifications can be customized)
2. bar staggered, fully contact with the material, in addition to iron seamless.
3. in addition to iron box continuous work, without suspension into the feed.
4. casting magnetic rod in addition to iron more easily and more convenient, pumping a bar, iron will automatically fall off.
5. production capacity: 20-40 T/h.
6. bar allocation of all stainless steel sleeve, the effective protection of the magnet can be damaged.
7. bar specifications: diameter 25*200mm.
8. magnetic field strength 10000 Gauss.



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