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Drawer Magnet and Housing

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Drawer Magnet and Housing, Magnet Housings with Double, Triple & Four Row Drawer Grates, Permanent Magnetic Drawer, Drawer and Housing Magnet, Permanent Magnetic Grills, Industrial Rare Earth Magnetic Separator Drawer

Drawer Magnet with strong magnetic force, simple structure and long service life,it is totally loved by customer. Aslo, it can save space and easy to be installed.
1.     Drawer Magnet and Housing combines of magnetic tubes. And magnetic tubes combines of magnetic bars.
2.     Every magnetic tube owns a handle.There are 3 reason.Firstly, it can make customer to pull ti out easily .Secondly, it is to be made sure that all of the inside magnetic bar is tighted control. Thirdly, to clean the permanent magneitc drawer convenient and fast.
3.     In front side of magnetic drawers, there is a door handle,whichis protect the inside handles and the inside magnetic bars to be harm or get dust.However, if you don’t like this shape of the magnetic drawer, we can change it when you offer the drawing to us .No matter the size or any other demand, we wiil try to suit your taste.
4.     Permanent magnetic drawer make of stainless steel, and it would protect it from getting rusty efficiently. We are kown that if the permanent magnetic drawer get rust, that means it will not able to work efficiently, so that we make this kind of permanet magnetic drawers.
5.     Safty and environmental protection are the advantages of permanent magnetic drawers. When you want to separate rion from material, just to pour itinto the permanent magneic drawer. After finished, only pull to handle of the magnetic tubes and you can get some without iron material. Thus, it is verysafe and without any pollution.

Model with stainless steel grids and housing can be supplied if required. The drawer magnets are available with either Ferrite magnets or with High Intensity Rare Earth Nd-Fe-B Magnets. Should your application require a unique mating size, we can custom fabricate a transition or flange to meet your needs. Please Contact Us Today! 86-574-27667267 or Email to

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