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Double Sine Plate Permanent Magnetic Chuck MCC SERIES

/Double Sine Plate Permanent Magnetic Chuck MCC SERIES
  • double-sine-plate-permanent-magnetic-chuck-mcc-series

MCC SERIES Double Sine Plate Permanent Magnetic Chuck, Compound Angle Permanent Magnetic Sine Table, Sine Plate Permanent Magnetic Chuck for Grinding, Magnetic Sine Plates, Compound Sine Plates

Sine Plate Permanent Magnetic Chuck Features:
Positive locking at all angles without any distortion.
Large effective area is provided for machining the work pieces.
Constructed of hardened alloy tol steel. Double way sine plate; can grind tow way angle at the same time.
Angle precision-0.007/100mm.

Flat type for wide range of uses. Ideal for high accuracy grinding operation.
Suitable for high precision angle grinding on a mould grinding machine and so on.
Wide range of work pieces can be used by tilting in length, breadth or compound angle.

● When one side is closed, the chuck acts as a single vertical or horizontal type.

● The whole part of the sine bar is made of special steel, which has been precisely ground after hardening.

● The major parts have been lapped to ensure highly precise grinding and measurement over a long period of time.

● Since thin permanent magnetic chucks are used, this model is easy to handle and provides a wider machining space.

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Product Range

Part No. A B C D E F G Pole Pitch Angle
MCC1025 250 104 150 140 290 80 190 2(1.5+0.5) 0º-50º
MCC1225 250 120 150 160 290 90 190 2(1.5+0.5) 0º-50º
MCC1530 300 150 150 190 340 120 240 2(1.5+0.5) 0º-50º
MCC1535 350 150 150 190 390 120 290 2(1.5+0.5) 0º-50º
MCC1545 450 150 160 190 490 120 390 2(1.5+0.5) 0º-50º
MCC2040 400 200 160 240 440 160 340 2(1.5+0.5) 0º-50º
MCC2050 500 200 160 240 540 160 440 2(1.5+0.5) 0º-50º

Due to continuous upgradation in design there could be changes in specification.
Other sizes on request.



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