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Double Screw Bolt Type Magnetic Rod Separator

/Double Screw Bolt Type Magnetic Rod Separator
  • Double Screw Bolt Type Magnetic Rod Separator

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Double Screw Bolt Type Magnetic Rod Separator  Basic Info:
A magnetic filter bars consists of an internal core and an external cladding, which in turn consists of a cylindrical magnet block and a permeable iron sheet. A good magnetic filter bar should have an even spatial distribution of magnetic induction lines and a maximum magnetic induction point distribution that fills the entire bar as much as possible, as it is generally placed in a moving product transmission line. The surface of the bar should be smooth with little resistance and free of environmentally harmful substances to avoid contaminating material and the environment.

Features of Magnetic Filter
1. The most common diameter is 1″(25MM), the length can be from 75mm to 2500mm. Other Standard magnetic filter bars include diameter 10, 16, 19, 20, 22, 2325, 28, 32, 38, 50, 76, 100mm.
2. Housing SS304 & SS316 are available. It is equipped with high density Ceramic 8 magnets and high-energy Rare-earth magnets to suit your application. You can build or modify your own magnetic separation equipment with individual magnetic filter bar.
3. Magnetic strength ranges from 2000 to14000gauss.The magnetic strength for Magnetic bars with Ceramic can be more than 2500 Gauss on the surfaces while magnetic tubes with Rare-earth magnets which peak value can be more than 13, 000 Gauss on the surfaces. Max temperature is up to 350 Centigrade degree. Threaded Hole Type Magnetic Bar Filter
4. Fully seal welded with either plain ends or tapped ends are available to suit your application.
5. Waterproof is available

Characteristics of Magnetic Filter

The working environment of magnetic filter bar requires a certain degree of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and, in some cases, a high magnetic induction. This can be achieved by using different thicknesses of magnetic conductive sheet.

The surface magnetic induction of a magnetic filter bar is proportional to the size of the smallest particles that can be absorbed. In other areas, a lower one can be used. Customized Pear Shaped Magnetic Bar Filters

When the magnet filter bar is in contact with the fluid, there is an irreversible loss of internal magnetic energy, if the loss exceeds 30% of the initial strength or if the surface of the wrapped iron or stainless steel tube is worn and broken, the bar needs to be replaced. This is because the damaged bar exposes the magnet which is generally brittle and coated with some oil which can contaminate the material and the environment.
Magnetic filter bar of HSMAG Magnetech can work for 1-2 years under heavy loads and 10 years or more under light loads.

Magnetic  Bar Diameter Table
1. ”√” means it can be manufactured on the condition of the diameters listed in the table. ”一 ” means it cannot be manufactured.
2. SmCo magnets are often used in the EH temperature range for magnetic bars less than 38 mm in diameter. However, if they are larger than 38 mm in diameter, SmCo magnets are not considered. Double Tip Type Magnetic Rod Filter
3. The related Max working temperature from different series.
H series: 120°C
SH series: 150°C
UH series: 180°C
EH series: 350°C

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Product Range

Dry Powder 7000-8000 Gauss
Wet Slurry 9000-10000 Gauss
Nanometer Particles over 12000 Gauss


SS304 Widley used in most applications
SS316/316L More corrosion resistance, and are used in food or chemical industries
Type Diameter Surface gauss
0.25T 0.5T 0.7T 0.9T 1T 1.1T 1.2~1.4T
Round Φ 16 350 °C 100 °C 80 °C
Φ 19 350 °C 350 °C 350 °C 120 °C 100 °C
Φ 22 350 °C 350 °C 350 °C 120 °C 100 °C 80 °C
Φ 25 350 °C 350 °C 350 °C 150 °C 120 °C 100 °C 80 °C
Φ 28 350 °C 350 °C 350 °C 150 °C 120 °C 100 °C 80 °C
Φ 32 350 °C 350 °C 350 °C 150 °C 120 °C 100 °C 80 °C
Φ 50 350 °C 350 °C 350 °C 180 °C 150 °C 120 °C 100 °C
Φ 102 350 °C 350 °C 350 °C 180 °C 180 °C 150 °C 120 °C
Square 25X25 350 °C 350 °C 350 °C 150 °C 120 °C 100 °C 80 °C
50X50 350 °C 350 °C 350 °C 180 °C 150 °C 120 °C 100 °C
Unit Conversion: 1 T=10000 Gauss                          * recommended diameter is Ø25mm
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