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Disc Hard Ferrite Magnets, Craft and Hobby Ceramic Disk Disc Magnets, hard sintered ferrite strong disc magnets, ROUND CERAMIC STRONG DISC MAGNETS, Anisotropic or Isotropic Disk Permanent Magnets, Ceramic Disc Fridge Magnet China Supplier

Disc Hard Ferrite Magnets Features:
Part No.: HS-FDM
Material: Ferrite/Ceramic magnet
Shape: Disc, Disk
Grade:Y30,Y25, Y35, Y33, Y40, C5, C8, C1, etc.
Magnetic properties: Hcj,Hcb,BH,Br,BHmax,working temperature
Tolerance: ±2%
Plating : None
Operating Temp(Max).: 80℃ (176℉)
Maximum Br: 3850Guass
Magnetized Direction: Magnetized through thickness
Other size and grade are available on request
Application:widely used in sensor,speakers,reed switches,motor,rotor,wind turbines/generators,AC/DC motors,drive motors,servo motors etc
Magnetization directions:by Axial or by radial

Hard Ferrite ceramic magnets were developed in the 60’s and today comprise 75% of world magnetic consumption. Despite their relatively low magnetic values, they are the most popular magnet on the market due to ready availability and relatively low cost.

The raw material from which ferrite magnets are produced is Strontium Ferrite powder (mainly ScO.6Fe203) which is formed in a press while subjected to an electric field. This process allows the direction of the magnetic field to be determined during the production of the magnet.

Ferrite magnets main qualities: ferriteHigh coercivity (= high resistance of the magnet to demagnetization).
Highly stability under difficult environment conditions with no need for a coating to protect the magnet.
High resistance to oxidation.
Durability – the magnet is stable and constant.
Ferrite magnets popular uses: automotive industry, electric motors (DC, brushless and others), magnetic separators (mainly plates), home appliances and more.

HSMAG specializes in the production of Hard Ferrite (anisotropic) using a wet pressing process. Cutting and grinding of the magnets is performed with an electroplated diamond grinding wheel. Craft and Hobby Ceramic Disk Disc Magnets

Ceramic Magnets are strong, can’t be cut, and are perfect for Glass Gems, Mirrors, and many other magnetic crafts. They have enough strength to hold additional items (photos, papers, etc) to any magnetic surface, even when attached to craft items.
Whether you choose thin or thick ceramic magnets they have about the same strong hold (magnetic pull). The strongest is the large ceramic magnet which measures nearly an inch across.
If you need something stronger, try our Neodyium Magnets. Even though they are smaller than most of our ceramic magnetic discs, they are stronger!

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Product Range

Model No. Dimensions (mm)D*H Model No. Dimensions (mm)D*H
FDM-001 D5 × H (2~5) FDM-002 D10 × H8 × (2~7)
FDM-003 D12 × H (2~7) FDM-004 D15 × H (2~7)
FDM-005 D20 × H (2~15) FDM-006 D23 × H (3~20)
FDM-007 D28 × H (3~26) FDM-008 D30 × H (3~28)
FDM-009 D3~3 × H (2~32) FDM-010 D37 × H (2~37)
FDM-011 D38 × H (3~32) FDM-012 D40 × H (3~3~3)
FDM-013 D42 × H (3~3~3) FDM-014 D45 × H (3~40)
FDM-015 D50 × H (3~45) FDM-016 D55 × H (3~50)
FDM-017 D58 × H (3~50) FDM-018 D60 × H (3~52)
FDM-019 D65 × H (3~60) FDM-020 D70 × H (3~65)
FDM-021 D76 × H (3~70) FDM-022 D80 × H (3~70)
FDM-023 D85 × H (3~76) FDM-024 D90 × H (4~80)
FDM-025 D98 × H (4~80) FDM-026 D105 × H (4~86)
FDM-027 D110 × H (4~86) FDM-028 D150 × H (4~50)
FDM-029 D160 × H (5~46) FDM-030 D200 × H (5~56)
FDM-031 D205 × H (5~56) FDM-032 D225 × H (5~60)

The above size is suitable for customer’s Magnetic Grade, Dimension tolerance: Diameter ±0.2mm, Thickness ±0.1mm

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