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Disc and Co-Axial Magnetic Couplers

/Disc and Co-Axial Magnetic Couplers
  • Disc and Co-Axial Magnetic Couplers

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Disc and Co-Axial Magnetic Couplers
Magnetic couplings are shaft couplings that use a magnetic field instead of a physical mechanical connection to transmit torque from one shaft to another. They are non-contact and utilize attraction and repulsion of the magnetic poles to transmit rotational power. Magnetic couplers tolerate large misalignments and produce no noise, vibration or thermal conduction.

Non-contact synchronous couplings have a softer start and stop function than most standard couplings and can be used as a torque limiting device since there are no mechanically engaged parts. They can be used in a linear or rotary configuration and are suitable for use in wet or harsh environments. Magnetic couplings are a common choice for mechanical applications including transmissions, pumps, compressors and assembly systems.

Disc Couplings
Disc type magnetic couplings consist of two opposing discs with powerful rare earth magnets. The torque applied to one disc is transferred through an air gap to the other disc. Because of its simple flat design, you can have angular misalignment of up to 3º or parallel misalignment up to ¼” and still transmit nearly full rotational torque. You could also fabricate an inexpensive flat barrier to separate the atmospheres or fluids surrounding the two discs. This is our simplest and most versatile coupling.

Typical applications include magnetic mixers and magnetic drive pumps.

Magnetic Co-Axial Type Coupling
The co-axial coupling consists of three parts, the inner hub, the outer hub, and the optional containment barrier. Both the inner and outer hubs consist of a series of rare earth magnets that are ground, potted, and glued to steel hubs. The inner hub is then completely sealed in stainless steel to protect the magnets and hub from damage or corrosive substances.

Disc vs. Co-Axial Coupling Comparison
Coupling Style
Axial Forces
High axial force which must be restrained
Coupling finds its own center with ~0 axial force
Slip Torque Adjustment
Air gap can be adjusted to increase or decrease slip torque
Coupling hubs can be seperated axially to decrease slip torque (axial force will result)
Angular Misalignment Capacity
3° Max
Ensure coupling hubs (or barrier if used) do not contact
Parallel Misalignment Capacity Magnetic Shaft Couplings for Driving Gear
0.25″ Max
Ensure coupling hubs (or barrier if used) do not contact
Containment Barrier
Simple flat barrier
Top-hat shaped barrier   Magenet Coupler Disk for Flange Motor
Maximum Torque
Designs available up to ~45 ft-lb
Designs available up to ~300 ft-lb
Maximum Operating Temperature
140°C (Custom high-temp designs available)
140°C (Custom high-temp designs available)

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