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Digital Gauss Meter

/Digital Gauss Meter
  • Digital Gauss Meter

Digital Gauss Meter is a versatile Test instrument used in testing magnetic flux. It is widely used in testing Labs of Motor Industry, Transformer Industry, Meters Industry in various automobiles Industries etc.
With small volume, light weight and convenient carry, this instrument can meet the measurement requirements of various sites;
Adopt micro power consumption design. With long service life, the battery can be continuously used for more than 50 hours;
Can select transverse probe or axial probe;
Have judgment function of magnetic field polarity.

Main technical index

Supply voltage: One 9V laminated cell
Display meter: 3 1/2 digital display
Measurement scope: 0~2000mT
Accuracy: 1%
Resolution: 0.1mT
Temperature error: -0.06%/°C
Operating environment: Temperature: -10°C~40°C, humidity: 35~75%
Sensitivity :0.1gs


The Tasla meter is a special instrument used for inspecting & checking flux density ,which is also one of the most universally devices in the field of magnetic measurement.

Model HGS10C digital Tasla meter is controlled by the SCM, which is suitable for handle operation.It can be used to measure DC or AC magnetic field and flux dencity.The device can be carried on one’s person. It is characterized by its wide measuring range,simple operation and clear display. It is still added with the function of maintenance such as holding Measure Value/Peak Value, As mT or Gs unit of display can be change over, Measuring range of 200mT or 2000mT can be chose, and others that as resetting zero by key and so on. The power is one piece of battery 9V. It can be used continually about 20 hours.

Shape of the device:
1. Sensor Connecting
2. LED Screen
3. Zero/Reset Reading
4. Peak/Real Value Switch
5. DC/AC Switch
6. Range Changing
7. mT/Gs Unit Changing
8. Power On/Off
9. External power supply socket

880lbs Portable Handheld Magnetic Lifting Equipment

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