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Dial Indicator Magnetic Stand

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  • Dial Indicator Magnetic Stand

Dial Indicator Magnetic Stand, Magnetic Base Dial Indicator Combo Presidents Special, Magnetic Base Holder Stand, Powerful On/Off Magnetic Base Dial Indicator Set, Magnetic Base With Double Pole Fine Adjustable Arm China Supplier

Dial Indicator Magnetic Stand Features:
Base with fine adjustment and On/Off switch
Many models of your choice
Strong magnetism and clamping force to ensure precise measuring

Magnetic bases are common fixtures in a variety industrial and metalworking projects. ST Series Magnetic Bases feature a fine adjustment and On/Off switch. The vertical post and rod in a magnetic base connect using swiveling snugs or connectors. This allows free motion of the arm so dial indicators can be easily positioned on the workpiece.

Adjustable Strong Magnetic Base Stand Holder For Dial Gauge Indicator DTI Stand, Magnetic stand with fine-adjustment dial indicator 0-10mm with magnetic base, Magnetic Base With Double Pole Fine Adjustable Arm For Dial Indicator Test Gauge Features:
This magnetic base indicator holder has a fine adjustment feature. The on/off switch makes it easy to position. The V-groove base allows you to mount it on cylindrical surfaces.
A very versatile and useful tool for automotive and engineering use.
So many uses from checking for play and wear in components, setting TDC to turning and other engineering uses.
Fine adjustment cross arm.
Fully adjustable design.

Note: Dial Indicator is Not included.
Dial Indicator Set With On/off Stand Magnetic
One magnetic base.
It can used for Dial indicator and Lever dial indicator, etc
Designed with three joints.
Easy using for metalwork pieces.
There is On/Off switch on the base.

Magnetic bases are designed primarily for holding dial gauge indicators. Different models cover applications from light duty to heavy duty, with standard fitments – fine adjust fitments, or flexible fitments available. Magnetic tools, including magnetic vee blocks, vices, holdfasts, floaters, a hand magnet, and demagnetizers, increase the flexibility of any tool room – from tool and die to maintenance shop. Magnetic Vacuum Base

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Product Range

Modle Size Power Weight
HSST-S6D 2.3”x2.0”x2.2” 132LBS 3.5LBS
HSST-SI6D 2.3”x2.0”x2.2” 132LBS 4LBS
HSST-B6D 2.3”x2.0”x2.2” 132LBS 4LBS
HSST-BI6D 2.3”x2.0”x2.2” 132LBS 4.6LBS
Modle Size(mm) Power Weight
HSST-S6D 58x50x55 60Kg 1.6Kg
HSST-SI6D 58x50x55 60Kg 1.8Kg
HSST-B6D 58x50x55 60Kg 1.8Kg
HSST-BI6D 58x50x55 60Kg 2.1Kg
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