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Deep Pot Holding Systems

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Deep Pot Holding Systems
The structure of these pots consists of a magnet encased in a ferrous material, creating a return circuit on the active face. This design generates a multipole field which ensures a more powerful direct hold in comparison to other holding systems.
Style A is a simple pot, of which the non-active face can be drilled and tapped to a maximum depth as shown in dimension B.
Style B has an internal thread on the non-active face.

One of the largest usages of magnets is the application of holding or gripping, the basic principle of the holding systems or pot magnet is to direct and concentrate the flux from both magnetic poles to one active face. This is usually achieved with steel pole pieces or a steel-backing cup.

When considering your selection, please be aware of the following factors: The stated Kg Pull (holding/gripping force) is based on the magnets retaining force against a direct pull when offered to a clean ground mild steel surface with a minimum thickness of 6mm. Painted or un-ground surfaces will reduce this force, assemblies working in shear will support approximately 1/3 of the stated value. The maximum working temperature must also be considered and studied before selection as well as the operating environment e.g. Exposure to corrosive elements.

Pot magnet assemblies are generally used for gripping, clamping and fixture applications. They can be press fit or use tapped hole for mounting. We can supply these with Neodymium, Alnico, Ferrite and SmCo magnets. With 1-pole or 2- poles magnet in an aluminum, brass or steel insulated cup.

Maximum working temperature is: for Neodymium pot magnets 60 to 150 C degree, Sintered Ferrite pot magnets to 120 C degree, Samarium pot magnets to 250 C degree, Alnico pot magnets to 400 C degree.

Samarium Deep Pot (Max Temp +150ᵒC)
Dimensions (mm)
Part Number Style ØD H B Holding Force (kg)
HSSMDP 00100 A 6 20 10 0.6
HSSMDP 00101 A 8 20 10 1.0
HSSMDP 00102 A 10 20 8 4.0
HSSMDP 00103 A 13 20 6 6.0
HSSMDP 00104 A 16 20 2 12.5
HSSMDP 00163 A 20 25 5 25.0
HSSMDP 00105 A 25 35 7 40.0
HSSMDP 00164 A 32 40 5 60.0


Neodymium Deep Pot (Max Temp +80ᵒC)
Dimensions (mm)
Part Number Style ØD H ød1 Holding Force (kg)
HSNIDP 00695 B 35 45 M10 60.0


Alnico High Temperature Deep Pot (Max Temp +500ᵒC)
Dimensions (mm)
Part Number Style ØD H ød1 Holding Force (kg)
HSALDP 00547 B 17 16 M6 2.5
HSALDP 00983 B 27 25.5 M6 6.1

Please note:

Holding Forces are based upon direct contact with a thick, clean mild steel surface. Holding Forces will be reduced with heavily painted or corroded surfaces.
Before selecting a choice of holding system please consider the working environment of your application. Shallow Pot Holding Magnets Systems

The Detail of Deep Pot Magnet
Model No: Alnico Deep Pot Magnet
ProductName: Ainico Smco Neodymium Pot Magnet
Product Origin:China
Brand Name: Ningbo HSMAG
Price Terms: FOB Ningbo
Payment Terms:T/T CIF L/C
Supply Ability: 300,000-400,000sets/month
Delivery Lead Time:about 30 days

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