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Deep Pot Holding Magnet NdFeB plastic body with ball joint

/Deep Pot Holding Magnet NdFeB plastic body with ball joint
  • Deep Pot Holding Magnet NdFeB plastic body with ball joint
  • deep-pot-holding-magnet-ndfeb-with-ball-joint

Holding Magnet NdFeB, Deep pot holding magnet NdFeB with ball joint, Magnetic ball joint assembly, Bar Cylindrical Rod Magnet NdFeB plastic body with ball joint

Holding Magnet NdFeB feature:

Shape: deep pot holding magnet
Thread: M6 x 15
Plating: white plastic enclosure
Material magnet: NdFeB
Material housing: plastic
Vertical Pull (Kg): up to 25 kg
Color: white
Max Temp (degrees C): 50 °C

The magnetic ball joint assembly allows the steel ball a full 360° rotation on a 180° axis. This is made possible by the combination of a steel ball and a powerful rare earth magnet contained in the magnet cylinder. The ball comes threaded as in the diagram for different sizes.

A holding device used for cameras, light fixtures, optical devices, and other applications.

Note that NdFeB magnets are covered by various patents (held by Neomax) and only licensed materials are allowed into the USA. There are a number of sources that do sell unlicensed products to those willing to purchase them. HSMAG does not sell unlicensed materials.

Key Benefits
Very high strength
Relatively low cost (by weight about 20 times Ferrite magnets, by “Dollars per BHmax” about 1.5 times Ferrite magnets).
Relatively easy to machine, compared to Alnico and SmCo magnets.
Key Challenges
Properties deteriorate rapidly at temperatures in excess of about 150°C (depending on grade and permeance coefficient magnet is operating at).
Most grades of NdFeB magnets need to be protected against oxidation – by coating or plating the magnets.

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Product Range



Part No. D mm d1 mm H mm h mm Thread MxL Pull Strength N Weight g Temperatur °C
DPBPN-20-Nd 20 18.5 48 31 M6x15 250 45 50


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