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Deep-Hole Thin Wall Ring SmCo Magnet

/Deep-Hole Thin Wall Ring SmCo Magnet
  • Thin Wall Ring SmCo Magnet

Deep-Hole Thin Wall Ring SmCo Magnet, High-temp resistant ring magnet for mobile phone vibration motor, Ring SmCo Magnets, Mirco Ring SmCo Magnet, Thin Wall Tube SmCo Magnet

Thin Wall Ring SmCo Magnet Feature:

Size: OD 0.8~10.0 mm ?0.005 Dia of hole: 0.3~3.0 mm ?0.015
Length: 0.3~10.0mm ?0.01 Thickness: =0.15mm

Deep-hole thin wall ring SmCo magnet, high-temp resistant ring magnet for mobile phone, vibration motor.
It is applicable for mobile phone, vibration motor featuring high-temp resistance, with high-temp resistant and corosion resistant Sm2Co17 as raw material, can be tooled according to customers’s drawings, have been applied to many famous brands of mobile phones based on a batch quantity.

Various kinds of micro permanent ring magnets are widely applied in the fields of watch, communication, medical apparatus, precise machine, etc. SmCo Ring magnets with deep hole and thin wall is the characteristic product of out company. Length-diameter ratio of internal hole can reach 20 to 1. Wall thickness can reach 0.15mm. The quality of this product is stable and reliable, which can satisfy the demands of several World Famous Enterprises.

We assurance our products in high precision by utilizing laser cutting, special drilling and machining technique.We are able to product various micro magnets and components in different sizes and shapes,aside the traditional round,square,rectangular shapes,we can also supply special shapes, such as U-type,spherical and other complicated shapes according to customers’ requirements. Micro Magnet Technology is particularly adept in machining deep hole thin wall ring magnets,which are widely used in quartz watch,automotive, communication,medical etc.

Advantage & Specialize In:
●More than ten years experience in extra hard and britlle materials machining.
●Specialized in deep hole thin wall and micro magnet machining,the accuracy can reach ±0.005mm by utilizing our special machining technique.
●Daily capacity reach 1000000 pcs, assurance to delivery quickly.
●Difference kinds of extra hard and britlle materials such as SmCo, NdFeB, Ferrite, Ceramic, Sapphire etc. are available for machining.

  • Customized is Available
  • Affordable price
  • Quality guaranteed
  • T/T or L/C accepted
  • Other payment accepted
  • Fast shipping, Worldwide delivery
  • 24-Hours excellent customer service
  • Offer free magnetic solution
  • Bulk discounts for larger orders

Product Range



Dimension range and tolerances

Item OD ID H Magnetizing direction
dimension range φ2.0—φ3.0 φ1.2—φ2.0 3.0—6.0 Diametrical
Ultimate tolerance ±0.005—±0.03 +0.01—+0.06 ±0.01—±0.05 ±1°

Typical dimension series

2.6 1.25 5.7
2.56 1.25 4.2
2.6 1.7 4.1
2.6 1.28 3.0
2.6 1.3 5.0


Applicable for mobile phone, vibrator motor.



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