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Dayton Fleet Magnetic Recess Member

/Dayton Fleet Magnetic Recess Member
  • Dayton Fleet Magnetic Recess Members

Dayton Fleet Magnetic Recess Member, Dayton Fleet Recess Members With Integrated Magnets, Magnetic Recess Member for 2 / 4 /8 Ton Dayton Fleet Lift Anchors

Magnetic Recess Member – Urethane recess members that have powerful magnets integrated directly into the base that secure the member to a steel form. These members are used for holding Dayton Fleet Lift anchors in place while the concrete product is poured and cured. The use of these magnetic recess members eliminates the need for drilling holes in the form for mounting screws or welding the plate to the form. This magnetic based process can significantly reduce form setup time and form re-configurability, thereby, improving process efficiency and reducing production costs. (Prices shown are for qty of 29 or less, Item selector drop-down shows price for 30 or more.)

Note: The use of these magnetic recessed members, with magnets integrated directly into the base of the member, eliminates the need to purchase a separate magnetic base plate.

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Product Range

Part No. Description
HSUSA-2T-DFL-MRM Magnetic Recess Member for 2 Ton Dayton Fleet Lift
HSUSA-4T-DFL-MRM Magnetic Recess Member for 4 Ton Dayton Fleet Lift
HSUSA-8T-DFL-MRM Magnetic Recess Member for 8 Ton Dayton Fleet Lift
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