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Cylindrical Alnico Bar Magnets w/ Red Piant

/Cylindrical Alnico Bar Magnets w/ Red Piant

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Alnico Bar Magnets – The red pianted alnico cylindrical bar magnets are traditional round Alnico bar magnets and can be used at temperatures of up to +550 degrees C. They are termed bar magnets because the distance between the poles is greater than the pole face dimensions (i.e. they are magnetised in the same direction as their longest dimension).

The alnico cylinder bar magnets are supplied as either red painted or natural finish (uncoated, unpainted) or with keeper. These alnico round bar rod magnets are very popular of sensing applications and for experimental use in schools, education and teaching.

A cylinder bar magnet is a type of bar magnet that is a cylindrical shape. The measurement of a cylindrical bar magnet refers to its length and diameter. The length of a cylinder bar magnet refers to the distance between the two ends. The length can range from 2mm (0.08″) to 340mm (13″). Adding length to a magnet does not necessarily increase its strength. This is because many longer length bar magnets have the magnetic material on the ends, with just added metal in the middle. The diameter is the measurement of a straight line going through the center of a circle connecting two points on the end of the bar magnets circumference The diameter can range from 1mm (0.04″) to 25mm (1″). The magnetic pull ranges from 0.44kg to 12kg.

The alnico cylindrical rod magnets can be offered in other dimensions and grades. We supply custom made alnico magnets. You can have other colours as well if you wanted e.g. black, blue, green and so on.

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Product Range






Part No. Dia. D (mm) Length (mm) Length (in) Weight per Pair (kg) Note
ACBM-01 4 10 0.393 0.002 Supplied Natural
ACBM-02 5 10 0.393 / Supplied Natural
ACBM-03 6 10 0.393 / Supplied Natural
ACBM-04 6 20 0.787 0.01 /
ACBM-05 8 25 0.984 0.02 /
ACBM-06 10 30 1.181 0.04 /
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