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Customized Permanent Magnetic Plates

/Customized Permanent Magnetic Plates
  • Custom Permanent Magnetic Plates

Customized Permanent Magnetic Plates, Customer Standard Plate Magnet, Rare Earth NdFeB Magnet Separator Suspended Plate Magnetic Plate / Block Underflow Magnet, Magnetic Plate Separators, Conveyor Magnet Plate, Chute Magnet

These units are designed to be positioned on the underside of angled chutes, product drop off points or opposite each other to form a housed chute magnet.

Customized Permanent Magnetic Plates Applications:
These units are designed to be positioned on the underside of angled chutes, product drop off points or opposite each other to form a housed chute magnet. This allows the product to flow across or close to the plate magnet removing and holding the contamination, helping product purity or avoiding damage to expensive machinery. magnetic separators

Customized Permanent Magnetic Plates Features:
1. The magnet can be supplied complete with hinges and attachments enabling quick and easy installation.
2. Incorporating rare earth magnets which reach deep into the product stream to extract the contamination.
3. One or more catchment strips are welded to the magnets face for small contamination to hide behind helping to eliminate possible wash off.
4. These units can be made any size to cater for your requirements.
5. 304/316 casing on request.
6. Industrial, food and dairy grade units available.

Quotation Requirements:
1. Chute width.
2. Product type, depth, flow rate and temperature.
3. Attachment required to suit your application.

Suspended Plate Magnet / Suspension Magnet
It is important to know the allowable suspension height of plate magnet as well as thickness of material burden. This information will be helpful in the proper selection of magnet strength. Another important factor is width of conveyor. Since the magnetic area of plate magnet should cover the entire width of conveyor. In other words, width of conveyor decides the width of plate magnet. Plate Magnets can be made in various strength to optimize performance in various depth of product streams. Shallower the product stream, Better the separation results will be.

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Product Range


The magnet inside the plate is usually Ferrite or Rare-earth magnet. They are assembled regularly to optimize high-performance. To meet customers’ particular requirement, we have multiple designs subject to different product volume and flowing speed.

Plain face / Flush face
This design is usually recommended to be above the material. Such as suspended plate magnet or installed in some chutes and ductwork.
Usually, a trap will be added on plate surface, to prevent captured ferrous contaminants from being washed away by oncoming material. A trap face can be either plain shape or tapered step shape on the magnets working surface.

Exposed pole
Welded two stainless steel plates on the surface of plate magnet as Polarity. Exposed pole is usually applied to capture ferrous contaminants from relative lower flowing material.

Tapered trap / Spout Magnet
This trap is a tapered step placed at a position within the north and south magnetic fields that cause captured ferrous contaminants to be drawn to the underside of the trap where they are safely retained, preventing wash off from oncoming product. It is designed for extremely flowing products.


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