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Customized Magnetic Drum Pulley

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Customized Magnetic Drum Pulley, Customer Permanent Magnetic Pulleys, Dry Magnetic Separators, Magnetic Head Pulley, pully separation rare earth magnet or Ferrite magnet China supplier factory

Customized Magnetic Drum Pulley  – The operating principle of Magnetic Pulley is similar to Magnetic Drum, which is also designed for continuous self-cleaning of metal. It is generally installed at the end of conveyor belt to separate the iron contaminant from material.
When product is conveyed along the belt to the head pulley and enters the magnetic field where metal contaminants are attracted and held tightly to the belt surface. As the belt is conveyed around the magnetic pulley, metal contaminants are held in place until they pass through the magnetic field where they are safely discarded separate from the clean product.
The shafts of the roller can be machined to suit existing bearing detail ensuring ease of installation and minimal downtime.

1. Material of shell: 100% SS304 outside.
2. Magnet: Either rare earth magnet or Ferrite magnet
3. Magnetic strength: multiform magnetic strength standard
4. Applicable Material: Bulk process like Mineral, Wood chip, Recyclables etc.
5. Customer designs, specifications can be fulfilled.

How to select our products?
Please advise us the above necessary information to make enquiry. If you are not in a position to offer such information, also please feel free to contact our engineer and discuss the application condition, like material, hourly volume and so on. Magnetic Pulley Separator

Magnetic Head Pulleys are extremely versatile and are used in a wide range of applications in different industries. These include:
Within MRF (Material Recovery Facility) operations
Cleansing wood, especially waste wood containing nails, screws, etc
Recovering ferrous metals in municipal solid waste recovery plants
Removing ferrous contamination from Cullet (crushed recycled glass)
Recovery of ferrous metals from kerbside collected waste
Separation of ferrous metals in skip waste
Ferrous metal recovery from steel slag
Quarrying & Mining
Installation on Mobile Crushers, Screens and Shredders
In quarries and mining operations to protect crushers and screens
In metal foundries to either reclaim ferrous metals or clean sand for reuse;
Removing ferrous metal contamination from conveyed grain and dry granular food;

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