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Customized Flat Rubber Coated Holding Magnet

/Customized Flat Rubber Coated Holding Magnet
  • Rubber Coated Holding Magnet

Customized Flat Rubber Coated Holding Magnet, rubber-coated magnet, water-proof block magnet, Rectangle Rubber Coating Magnetic Holder, Rubber Coated Pot Magnet China Supplier

Customized Flat Rubber Coated Holding Magnet Feature: Rubber Coated Magnet
Composite:Rubber Magnet
Shape:Rubber Coated Pot Magnet
Application:Industrial Magnet
Material:Neodymium magnet+rubber
shape:Pot /Cup Shape Holding Magnet
Size:D22-D89.3(Or Customized) Holding Magnet
Hardness:50-70 Shore Holding Magnet
Type of Thread:Threaded stem/ Screw socket/ Internal thread/Countersunk hole
Color:black/Yellow(or Customized) Holding Magnet
Exsisting Tooling:D31X6/D66X8/D88X8/D43X6
Magnetism direction:monopole /Single pole Holding Magnet

The rubber-coated magnet, also known as water-proof magnet, is one of the most commonly used tool magnet.For rubber-coated magnet, the vulcanization is the most important step among the whole manufacture process.

The vulcanization is a chemical process for converting rubber into more durable materials by the addition of sulfur or other equivalent curatives or accelerators. These additives modify the rubber by forming cross-links between individual chains under certain pressure and temperature.

Different type of rubber coated magnet
The rubber-coated magnet mainly includes:
Threaded stem type rubber-coated magnet.
Screw socket type rubber-coated magnet.
Internal thread type rubber-coated magnet.
Countersunk hole type rubber-coated magnet.

permanent multipole neodymium ring magnet

Advantages of rubber-coated magnet
The rubber-coated magnet can be applied in different temperature and pull force with diverse type of magnet.
The particular designs of magnetic circuit will ensure rubber-coated magnet has much higher pull force.
The rubber coating is not only protecting rubber-coated magnet against corrosion, but also keeps the working surface free of damage.
The rubber coating would give extremely fine sheer force to rubber-coated magnet.
The rubber-coated magnet accommodates a series of standard fasteners and attachments.

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