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Customized Anisotropic SmCo Magnet for PM Motors

/Customized Anisotropic SmCo Magnet for PM Motors
  • Customized Anisotropic SmCo Magnet for PM Motors

Customized Anisotropic SmCo Magnet for PM Motors, Custom Made Samarium Cobalt Permanent Magnet for Starter Synchronous Motor, Super Strong Maximum Normal Operating Temperature Sintered SmCo Motor Magnets China Supplier

Customized Anisotropic SmCo Magnet for PM Motors Feature:
Material: Sintered SmCo magnetic material, Grade 26
Magnetic Characteristics: Br: 10.4 kGs, Hcb: 9.8 kOe, Hcj: 10.6 kOe, (BH)max: 26 MGOe
Pole Orientation: Magnetized through thickness, i.e. the north and south poles are on the larger surfaces
Maximum Normal Operating Temperature: 572 degree F or 300 degree C

We custom make SmCo Magnets up to 30 MGOe value for our customers. There are no minimum required. The most popular grade is Grade 26 but the Grade 30 is available.

Just as the neodymium magnets, SmCo magnets are also known as rare earth magnets and exhibit a much stronger holding power than ceramic and AlNiCo magnets, but present a much higher temperature stability than neodymium magnets so it’s normally used in the tooling or oil industry where high temperature is present. This particular grade can be used in 572 Fahrenheit or 300 degree centigrade environment. Custom Made Samarium Cobalt Permanent Magnet

Generally speaking, SmCo magnets are more fragile than neodymium magnets. Normally there is no coating for this magnet. The following is the magnetic characteristics of grade 26.

Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) magnets, a type of rare earth magnet, are permanent magnets made of an alloy of samarium and cobalt. They are extremely strong magnets, and have excellent resistance to corrosion. Although they are hard and brittle due to the sintering process when manufactured, Samarium Cobalt magnets have the highest resistance to demagnetization and outstanding temperature stability, which makes them an excellent choice for many situations even though they may be more expensive than other magnets. Samarium cobalt magnets are often used in automotive, marine, medical, hi-tech computer and electronics applications.

Material: samarium-cobalt
Configuration: arc / tile / segment
Other characteristics: anisotropic, with bore, coated, with threaded hole
Applications: for motors, for sensors, for medical applications, for elevators, for reed sensor actuation, for loudspeakers, for workshop tools, for automotive applications. High-temperature Motor Sintered SmCo Magnets Segment

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