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Customer Head Actuator NdFeB Magnetic Aassembly

/Customer Head Actuator NdFeB Magnetic Aassembly
  • Customer Head Actuator NdFeB Magnetic Aassembly

Customer Head Actuator NdFeB Magnetic Aassembly, Hard Disk Actuator Neodymium Magnet Assembly, HDD NEO Magnets Assembly, Customized Hard Drive Disk Disc NIB Magnet China Supplier Exporter

Customer Head Actuator NdFeB Magnetic Aassembly – We can supply any size and shape hard drive magnets assembly (neodymium or ferrite) for customer’s design drawing. Please send your products design to us, we can the best magnetic solution for your plan.

Hard Drive magnets account for 10% of all the neodymium produced and over 1 million Hard Drives are manufactured every day. It is estimated that over 12 billion have been manufactured to-date.
When Hard Drives fail or come to the end of their lives the common practice in Data Centres is to have them shredded and disposed of. Shredding destroys the valuable magnets which cannot be recovered in any recycling process thereafter.
A new environmentally safe and secure recycling process that will recover 100% of the neodymium is now available.
Magnets can be easily removed from Hard Drives and then ‘disintegrated’ through a new environmentally friendly recycling process into their component elements – neodymium, dysprosium, iron, boron and nickel. The Neodymium is then separated and reused by magnet manufacturers as recycled high grade mineral. True scalable urban mining for the new Circular Economy. Hard Disk Actuator Magnet / HDD Magnets Assembly

What we have here is Nd2Fe14B . A neodymium hard drive magnet of a few grams can lift a thousand times its own weight. These magnets are cheaper, lighter, and stronger than samarium-cobalt magnets. (SOURCE WIKIPEDIA)

These have been removed from end of life vintage hard drives and SCSI drives. They are clean and have a Permalloy backing plate. I left the plate on for shipping purposes so these wont stick to the counters and conveyor systems they are bound to travel across on the way to you. Permalloy is a nickel–iron magnetic alloy, with about 20% iron and 80% nickel content, so the backing plate is corrosion resistant. The magnet is glued and magnetically attracted to the backing plate. The plate has holes so it can be mounted with your favorite fasteners.

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Head Actuator Magnetic Aassembly explod

Head Actuator Magnetic Aassembly

Head Actuator Magnetic Aassembly

Field viewing film FOR DRIVE MAGNET

Field viewing film FOR DRIVE MAGNET

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