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Custom Releasable Magnetic Sweeper

/Custom Releasable Magnetic Sweeper
  • Custom Releasable Magnetic Sweeper

Custom Releasable Magnetic Sweeper, Industrial Magnetic Sweeper, Customized Magnetic Sweeper with Release Handle, Heavy Duty Magnetic Sweepers with Release, Magnetic Broom

Releasable Magnetic Sweeper allow the rapid handling of various sizes & shapes of iron and steel parts from boxes and stock bins.  These units can also be used as Magnetic Bolt & Nut Pickers to simplify operations involving loading, unloading, sorting, weighing & packaging of small and large parts.  Stainless Steel models available.

Our powerful PERMANENT MAGNETIC sweeper bars are ideal for:
Parking Lots
Individual Shops
Truck Bays
Loading Docks
Municipal Facilities
Any place where metal scraps, shavings, nails, tacks, or other ferrous metal parts are a problem. Our magnetic sweeper will end flat tire worries caused by ferrous debris forever.

The Custom Releasable Permanent Magnetic Sweeper from HSMAG Magnetics, Inc. can reduce costly tire damage and personal injury caused by nails, screws, staples, banding, iron chips and more on construction sites, warehouse floors and driveways. Features: Powerful light-weight magnet, durable industrial construction and heavy duty eyelets for suspension from vehicles or utility equipment.

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Product Range


We have 2 items Releasable Magnetic Sweepers, and supply customized releasable sweepers.

Part No. Sweeping Width (in) Overall Width (in) 8-Penny Nail Pick Up Test Approximate Pull (Lbs.) Weight(Lbs.)
HSPMS-24RX 24  30.25 6 lbs. (600 pcs.) 400 41
HSPMS-14RX 14  15.125 3 lbs. (300 pcs.) 233 20.5
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